GTV UK News Special (27th Jan, 2021) – An Interview with Mr. Bannon: Anti-CCP Strategy and Policy Changes

Summary: Dr. Ming  Editor: Shibukedang

As the US administration changes, many strategies and policies against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) change too. Exactly what are these changes? What is their likely impact? GTV UK team put these questions to Mr. Stephen K. Bannon in its weekly interview on Wednesday 27th January, 2021.

Following is the list of the questions:

1. Mr. Miles Guo is changing his post-Trump strategy against the CCP. What about you?

2. The 1st Episode of War Room Pandemic went air on the 25th January 2020, according to my memory. Upon its one-year anniversary, firstly, I present my congratulations to the War Room Team. Many appreciations for your revealing the truth of CCP Virus. Secondly, a question – what’s next for the War Room?

3. Based on the US election result, do you think we have lost the info battle to the CCP? If we could have known then what we know now, what should we have done differently and how can we improve ourselves from now on in order to win the info-fare against the CCP?

4. Our capacity to bridge the eastern and western understandings of the CCP is still limited, do you have any suggestions about how we can open this gate and get more exposures to the western audience?

5. Hours into his presidency, Biden fired Michael Pack, the head of the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM), and nominated Kelu Chao to be the interim head. Chao carried out a purge for VOA, RFA and RFE, etc. What is your comment?

6. On 20th Jan Mike Pompeo remarked on Newsmax TV: Hope US Stays Tough on China. Do you think Biden’s new administration will stick to it?

7. Based on Mr. Miles Guo’s source, the CCP is trying hard to arrange Xi Jinping to visit the US as soon as possible as well as Kamala Harris to visit China. How likely will these CCP diplomatic attempts be successful?

8. The PLA aircraft, including jet fighters and bombers, intruded the Taiwan Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) for consecutive days. Meanwhile, the US sent the Roosevelt air-flight carrier fleet to Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. Personally how likely will there be a kinetic war on Taiwan? What will be the Biden Administration’s response?

9. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stepped down yesterday. Will Matteo Salvini be able to take the position? As we know that Salvini, known as the Captain by his supporters, is one of the main leaders of the populist movement in Europe and has first supported Dr. Yan’s “Covid-19 as a CCP’s bioweapon” theory. However, in the news, it seems that Italian President Mattarella still wants to give Conte a chance to form a majority to retake the position. Will Salvini be able to take the position? What is your prediction?

10. On the 21st January, the European Parliament passed a resolution about the CCP’s crackdown on the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. How will this resolution affect the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment?

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