[Headline News] Biden’s Commerce Dept Nominee Took a Tough Stance against Communist China

Author: billwilliam

During Tuesday’s Senate confirmation hearing, Gina Raimondo, President Biden’s pick to be the next Secretary of Commerce, harshly criticized Communist China, but she didn’t specify what to do with Chinese companies on the Entity List.

Raimondo is currently the governor of Rhode Island. She mentioned her father’s losing his job in a watch factory to show that she sympathized with American workers.

When questioned by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) about her policy on Communist China, Raimondo slammed the CCP’s abusive business practices and human rights violations.

“China’s actions have been anti-competitive, hurtful to American workers and businesses, coercive, and, as you point out, they’re culpable for atrocious human rights abuses. So whether it’s the entities list, or tariffs, or countervailing duties, I intend to use all those tools to the fullest extent possible to level the playing field for the American worker.”

Yet Raimondo remained ambivalent on what specific actions she would take. She said she would consult with lawmakers, industry, and allies when Cruz asked her what specific CCP company would be blacklisted.

Raimondo also didn’t explain specifically what she would do to the steel/aluminum and solar panel tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration. Instead, she indicated she would listen to lawmakers and industrial manufacturers.

Under the current backdrop of widespread anti-CCP sentiments, President Biden’s cabinet picks have to be tough on Communist China. Remember Secretary Antony Blinken said he agreed with Pompeo’s assessment of genocide by the CCP. It is understandable that Raimondo probably hasn’t formulated a complete policy, but at least her tough attitude ensures that some of the Trump Administration sanctions against Communist China will remain intact. Of course, further sanctions against the CCP are more than welcome.




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