01/26/2021 The Life Situation in the Walled Country Under the Epidemic

Dictation: Cathy | PR: CharlesS

A Volunteer who sealing doors with paper strips for the residential area, got back home at midnight and found his home sealed too.


Been helping the residential area to sealed up till midnight,returning home finally. And I found my home is sealed up too. I am totally exhausted after walking up 8 buildings.

On January 21, Shanghai’s Huangpu District organized residents to live in hotels and commenced the closed-up management. This is the first time that Shanghai has adopted remote isolation measures since the pandemic.
6 confirmed infected cases the official announced all came from Huangpu District. Residential areas in Jiaotong Road,Huangpu District have rose up to medium risk area of the outbreak,which are implemented closed-up management.
Thousands of local residents were moved and quarantined that very night. Salvo hotel shanghai (中福世福汇大酒店)where several cases were found also rose up to medium risk area. Guests and hotel staff of other hotels around the medium risk area like the Ji Hotel Shanghai(全季酒店),Home Inns(如家酒店),Jitai Hotel(吉泰连锁酒店) were moved to quarantine area.
This is the first time Shanghai adopted the measures of quarantine elsewhere since the outbreak.

An explosion occurred in Dalian on January 25, causing 3 deaths and 8 injuries till now

At 6am on 25th Jan, Jinbohaijing residential area in Dalian city, Liaoning Province has an explosion accident. Preliminary conclusions of the cause  was gas pipeline leaks from Jinzhou Tiancheng Gas Company. The glass fragments from the explosion caused 8 people minor injuries, who were later transferred to hospital for treatment, with other 3 persons died.

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