Frequent Suicide Appeared in 2nd Wave of Epidemic in China

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Recently, under the impact of the menacing second wave of epidemics, the mainland China under CCP regime has seen frequent suicides among civilians in epidemic areas. As shown in the picture above: a person hangs on outdoor fitness equipment while out in the middle of the night during the lockdown. The author believes that the epidemic is certainly a cause of persecution, but it is the CCP system that really kills people and makes people unlovable under the epidemic.

First of all, from the various social media information shared by countless people inside China during the second wave of the epidemic, we can clearly see that the CCP system has never regarded the people under its control as the honourable part to take seriously. People in China has never been a group that is being respected and cherished. On the contrary, the public is a tool to provide profits and benefits to all levels of officials under its system. Consequently, people are often suddenly deprived of their basic civil freedoms and rights without warning because of the inhuman governing style. All kinds of top-down rough and simple epidemic operations suppress people to an extreme to despair.

Second, the CCP system has formed a long-term “official-oriented” standard, which has led to keep the “black-gauze hat” (means offical position) as the starting point for epidemic control, rather than the “people’s livelihood” as the key. In other words, as long as the number of confirmed cases and the number of infections look fine and good, the superior leaders will not lose their faces. Therefore, the frontline community officials, the middle- and lower-level governments can only use extremely simple and crude methods to forcibly suppress and restrict the people. As a result, the damage and impact to the people is unbearable.

Third, the Chinese under the CCP system are deeply brainwashed and infringed by the red regime. They can neither predict the possible harm in advance nor the ability to consciously resist under obvious suppression. It has become a habit for them to be obedient; at the same time, they still believe that the government can only do what it could, and they cannot demand more. At the same time, they are well aware that their requirements are nothing for a government with strong red governance capabilities. More precisely, the red governing power is the rude and violent one as its core. In the end, they can only choose to end their lives and choose to die on their own initiative.

It is known to everyone, suicide actually requires a lot of courage, and only when you have nothing to love can you be successful against yourself. A government cannot think from the perspective of the people, cannot protect their lives and support them during the pandemic; on the contrary, it is the reason to push them to the extreme to choose to end their lives. How ridiculous the reality is under CCP regime? Without no doubt, such a government like CCP has lost the value and necessity of existence. Take down CCP and give the people a reason to survive.


法国麦., (2021). 在疫情封城中自杀的人. [online]. [Viewed 27 January 2021]. Available from:

Author: Xima & Xi’Anna

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