“Rocket Egg”? Buy or Not to Buy, is a Problem

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“Rocket Egg” is a nickname to egg with high price in CCP China now. People are seen under a huge impact by the second wave of the epidemic in China though they enter the new year with many expectations. For them, the threat of the epidemic itself is one thing, the rude and rough epidemic policy of the CCP government is another thing. Both have increased people’s livelihood difficulties. Therefore, more and more basic supply problems are raised in mainland China. 

The name “Rocket Egg” appeared as early as June 2020. At that time, the first wave of the epidemic in China was the most tense period, and the price of eggs in many cities in China increased rapidly. The growth rate surprised residents, some netizens jokingly called “Rocket Egg”. In fact, the price of eggs has remained at a high level since the epidemic, especially after the CCP public propaganda targets the source of the second wave of the epidemic to overseas. Moreover,  there are constant reports that many imported frozen meat and packaging have been detected to carry the CCP virus. Therefore, it leads to the people turn to homegrown poultry food and safer egg products. 

It is said that entering 2021, since New Year’s Day, the market price of egg has been more than 10 RMB per kilo. With the Spring Festival approaches, there will be a sharp price increase. However, the price of eggs remains at a high zone from first wave of pandemic. In some area, the price of eggs has exceeded the 14 RMB per kilo; that is very expensive considering Chinese people consumption ability. Furthermore,  in some places, the price of eggs changes every single day. This also shows a fluctuating and changeable market. Experts say this lies in many reasons: 

the increase in breeding costs; 

the peak season demand effect brought by the end of the year and the Spring Festival; 

the recent rebound of the CCP virus epidemic in some areas; 

and the impact of regional control on logistics. 

However, behind these so-called reasons, the author believes that the most important thing is: CCP’s low management ability and its neglect of people’s livelihood issues.

From the information the author got from frontline friends in the mainland china, many decisions to lockdown the city were made overnight, without warning. Residents simply cannot make relevant material preparations in advance. This is true not only for residents bust also for businesses. Everything is rushed into battle. The government has no corresponding emergency plans and emergency plans. This government which is count on taxpayer income, though it has no actual actions when people need their governance capabilities to fulfill their promises to the people. On the contrary, it only can provide rude and simple responses. Much worse, it can bring the people by suppression and exploitation.

It is known to all,  when a place is in a lockdown state or in a critical situation, the government should first mobilize all relevant agencies to provide emergency treatment plans. And all agencies have to focus on anything related to people’s livelihood except medical treatment. It should not allow residents to constantly rely on their own strength to deal with and solve the actual difficulties that have occurred and will happen immediately. If a government is an organisation that has long been bearing the people in its mind, no matter what social crisis occurs, it will not ignore the basic needs of every household’s survival. This is also a counter-evidence that the CCP government has never been “serving the people” as it claims.

 Things like “rocket eggs” are currently very common in mainland China. Prices are chaotic, material supplies are inadequate, and many items are lacking. Some people take advantage of the pandemic to rob and hoard the basic supplies; this leads to heavier burden on Chinese people under CCP regime. “Rocket Egg” might has a higger-price-tag, but it can be lucky if you could afford and if you could find it on the market. The most desperate thing is you cannot find it and no money to buy. “Rocket Egg” just one example to show how terrible situation Chinese people is in now under CCP regime. No doubt, if CCP keeps its position in China, things will be changed into unpredictable in near future. Therefore, one possible solution is to take down CCP finally. 


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Author: Xima & Xi’Anna

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GNEWS.org.

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