【Righteous Watch】 January 20, 2021 – A Cruel and Certain Turning Point in Taking Down the CCP

Author: Ermat 【㊙️G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】
Proofreader: Sarathecat


The day finally arrived, January 20, 2021, the U.S. presidential inauguration, which seems to indicate an end of the long-running 2020 US election. No other election has attracted such worldwide attention as this one because it is not only a battle between two parties in the United States, but also a battle between truth and falsehood, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, civilization and barbarism, democracy and dictatorship, rule of law and rule of man, survival and destruction. It is also a duel between the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the forces of justice, including the New Federal State of China( NFSC).

Looking back at American history, the United States has experienced two external strikes since the founding of the country by President Washington. One was Pearl Harbor and the other was 9/11. About 2,400 Americans lost their lives in Pearl Harbor, plus four battleships, two destroyers and more than a hundred aircraft. On 9/11, about 3,000 people were killed, plus the loss of buildings and aircraft. In the election battle, the U.S. intelligence community confirmed that the CCP rigged the U.S. election. This was a far greater harm to the United States than the first two, because it shook the foundations of the United States– freedom, democracy and the rule of law. If Americans think the pain from the first two is only in their skins, they might feel it deep in their bones this time.

In the 1930s, Japan was mired in a war with China. Its economy was deteriorating. The Japanese militarists were eager to get out of this predicament by invading Asian countries. However, the United States was their biggest obstacle. So in 1941, Japan launched an attack on Pearl Harbor. Likewise, since President Trump took office, his trade war and sanctions against more than 100 Chinese Communist companies have dealt a crushing blow to the evil rule of the CCP. It has made their ambition to dominate the world a moot point. Therefore, the CCP regards President Trump as its number one enemy. It sees this election as the ultimate showdown between the United States and China. They want to remove Trump from power at all costs.

Thus, people have seen an ongoing ugly show of politicians and media until today. Compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we are now in a bloodless war, and the very foundation of the United States has been under attack.

But instead of giving Japan victory over the United States, the Pearl Harbor attack awakened and united the American people to fight back at fascism. In the end, they became the main force in destructing the fascist Axis. Likewise, the result of today’s election will awaken more American people to see the CCP for what it is, and they will be brave enough to stand up for their values.

Pearl Harbor was a turning point in the demise of fascism, and January 20, 2021 is a cruel and certain turning point in taking down the CCP!

(The article merely represents the author’s opinion)

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1 month ago

The American population, and most importantly it’s youth, has been slow boiled to a frothing brew of socialism. The only remaining ingredient that needs to be added is the thick paste of communism to this evil brew. The CCP success in the 2020 election delivered that ingredient to the so-called Democrats (Communists) who have stolen the election from the American people. Dark days are indeed ahead. The Free Chinese across the globe will now be exposed with no place else to hide now that Trump has been removed from power. Indeed, America is no longer United and we can only… Read more »


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