LIVE:Maria on CCP Threat/Virus/Genocide/Taiwan,Trump Impeachment,Censorship 1/26

Fox News Maria Bartiromo special on CCP Threat/Virus/Genocide/Taiwan, Trump Impeachment, Censorship at 7pm ET on Jan 26, 2021.

Maria Bartiromo will interview former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Senators Josh Hawley, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson; Steve Hilton.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes one-on-one with Maria Bartiromo on whether or not the Biden administration can handle China and how the Trump administration treated the Russia threat.

Pompeo: We can’t go back to the decades of appeasing the Chinese Communist Party

Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party looking for a ‘soft underbelly’ in Biden’s administration

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11 months ago

Great reporting, get the truth out!


Take down CCP. Support the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China. GTV: Mike迈克小哥. Twitter: @Mike46859398 Jan. 26