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Translator: John Cena / PR: PollyEsther / Editor: TCC

some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewers’ discretion is advised


  1. GNews: G-Translators: [Observation] Analysis of the ultimate battle: Emperor Xi has walked into a trap, and retreated in defeat.

Comment: Who will take over the control of the CCP’s command system after Xi? This question gives Xi the headache, but excites his subordinates.

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA): #People’s Republic of China has provided 42 billion face masks to the US. #MFA claimed that they are willing to continue providing support and aids to the US in the fight against the Pandemic

Comment: The CCP has stabbed you quietly, pretended that they have done nothing wrong, and then made money off you by treating your wound. Money made with blood stains on it will have to be returned eventually.

3. MFA: #Angels of goodness in the Sino-US relations can defeat the power of the evil.

Comment: MFA claims: “in the past few years, Trump administration, especially Pompeo, has buried too many landmines in the Sino-US relations that need to be eliminated; burned too many bridges that need to be re-built; and destroyed too many roads, that need to be repaired.” The CCP’s ability to turn black into white is number one in the world. The CCP has frantically hinted that it will wipe out landmines such as its crimes against humanity and rebuild the bridge of complicity.

4. News Reference: #The Central Bank strictly rectifies the rejection of RMB in cash, #16 institutions have been fined

Comment 1: According to the news: “The People’s Bank of China announced on January 21st that in the fourth quarter of 2020, 16 institutions, including the Beijing Zhongshan Park Administration Office, were punished by law for posting the “Cash Rejection” sign or rejecting cash deposit when there were people on duty. The penalty amount ranges from $500 RMB to $500,000 RMB.” 

Comment 2: This news showed the CCP has been falsely punishing some insignificant bodies for “rejection of cash deposits”; however, in reality, the CCP has been constantly pushing for cashless transactions and electronic currencies. This is just like a Chinese saying, “Paving plank road on the surface but secretly crossing Chencang river (meaning to do one thing under the cover of another)

5. XinHua News: “Excerpts from Xi Jinping’s Essays on Cyber Force” Published

Comment: Undoubtedly, enforced cyber security and control is essential to Socialism’s survival.

6. Caixin.com: [Payment companies that are not state-owned banks plan to switch to functional supervision, new anti-monopoly clauses added] To avoid regulatory arbitrage, it is emphasized that the implementation of functional supervision in accordance with the essence of the business; at the same time, strengthening anti-monopoly supervision measures in the payment field. The standards for identifying relevant market scope and market dominance are defined in clarity.

Comment: The so-called anti-monopoly of the CCP is just to oppose the monopoly of others, not itself. 

7. CCTV News: #Hua ChunYing said the person who did bad things knows it all from the bottom of his heart.

Comment:  Hua Chunying said that China has announced that it will impose sanctions on U.S. personnel who are primarily responsible for serious violations of China’s sovereignty on China-related issues. We have published a list of some of them. “Who else has done bad things? They know this very clearly in their hearts.” Didn’t Hua Chunying know that the CCP itself was doing bad things? Isn’t she the one who has thick skinned? Hua Chunying made such threats thinking that she could frighten the righteous people in the United States. Actions of such hooliganism is bound to trigger stronger powers to take down the Communist Party.

8. Tencent: The price of pork spiked 8 times consecutively! Is this trouble caused by excessive sausage making?

Comment: The article subtly attributed the continuous increase in pork prices to the Chinese custom of making sausages and various market factors, which has always been the style of the CCP’s propaganda. In fact, this is caused by the CCP’s incompetence in governing.

9. The Paper: Special | “the dark virus history” of Fort Detrick 

Comment: The CCP has always been claiming that “(the virus is) from natural origin” and wanted to shift the blame to the US laboratory. But this narrative is equivalent to admitting that the virus is man-made. Moreover, only the CCP possesses the template of the virus. 

10. NetEase: In order to create a healthy and transparent commenting environment, we have taken down the comment section to rectify the contents.

Comment: This exemplified ttypical “Freedom of Sspeech” of thein CommunismCP’s China.

11. WeChat: I applaud for banning the students overseas coming home, and I would strike out if I’m not allowed to go home! Huge example of double standard! 

Comment: A real large-scale double standard, a battle between overseas “little pink” (a nickname for Chinese oversea students who are severely brainwashed by the CCP) and the self-volunteered “50 cent army” ( or Wumao, CCP’s internet trolls). But why do they still not understand that the CCP are the ones threw the iron fists of socialism at them. People are only fighting among themselves. The CCP’s education of slavery and brainwashing has damaged people deeply.

12. Epoch Times: Taiwan Representative to the U.S. Invited to the Presidential Inauguration for the First Time in 40 Years 

Comment: This is the first time after 40 years that Taiwan representative to attend the US presidential Inauguration as a “diplomatic mission.” Why did the mouthpieces within the wall not dare to report this? Do they just stop barking?


  1. GuangMing Daily: The fallacy, sinisterness and madness behind Pompeo’s “genocide” lies.

Comment: The CCP started responding publicly to its “genocide and crimes against humanity”. With the nations of the European Union standing up together against them, the CCP knows that they can no longer hide it. The content of the response is basically the same idea as mentioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, listing how well the CCP has done in Xinjiang while whatever others’ saying are all lies.

2. XinHua News: The 23rd Standing Committee Meeting of the 13th CPPCC Shanghai Committee was held.

Comment: Mr. Miles Guo has mentioned that he is also paying attention to Shanghai today. Anything happened there yet?

3. ChinaNews: A batch of imported cherries in Wuxi was found to have contracted the Covid-19 virus. 

Sina Finance: Tianjin found imported whey powder that tested positive in Covid nucleic-acid tests. The affected products did not enter the market.

Comment: I am afraid that  the only thing left that the CCPcan’t frame is the surface of the moon.

4. XinHua News: Universities’ “shifting-the-blames-style” pandemic prevention has put some students in a dilemma.

Comment: The real translation should be: “Universities should learn from the regional governments, to “lock up the students”. Look at what tricks the government use to deal with the returning personnel. Are universities trying to go against the government and put it to shame?

5. CaiJing.com: BitCoin dropped below $30,000 USD, for the first time since May, with a 16% drop within 24 hours.

Comment: As soon as the CCP is done with the battle of the US election, BitCoin plummeted. This perhaps proves to some extent that BitCoin has been controlled by the CCP for money laundering and other dark deeds.

6. Sina News app: ShangHai #Girl dashing to work is chased by security for sanitization# This kind of work style is rather exhausting.

Comment: The CCP creates a warm atmosphere of “doing this for your own good”; in reality, it’s scheming for the Great Reset.

7. NetEase: The worst financial management in history: Digital China 2.2 billion implosion.

Comment: Financial investment of $2.2 billion under the management of Digital China has gone down the drain. In recent years, the business and assets under Digital China Holdings have been removed or said, stolen constantly. This kind of phenomenon is common in CCP’s China.

8. Sina News: KunMing, YunNan has reported the details of a hostage case.

Comment: The hostage case caused one death and 7 injuries of innocent children. As the Communism China’s internal conflicts intensify, cases of such violence and abuse are happening more often.

9. Tweet: NTD TV: [Forbidden News] Severe Covid-19 epidemic in JiLin- Residents will go to prison if they refuse to take nucleic acid tests. Recently, Jilin officials claimed that there had been a #super spreader who had infected 102 people. Residents of LyYuan District, Changchun, Jilin Province told our reporter that the current situation of the epidemic is very serious, the nucleic acid test won’t produce reliable result if only taken once, and that if anyone is caught not willing to take the test, they will be sent to jail.

Comment: George Orwell’s 1984 has been reenacted officially.

Information Collection: Alicia, Cathy, Near, WenDashi, CharlesS / Production:CharlesS

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