01/17/2021 Himalaya UK Express

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Some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewers’ discretion is advised

  1. User (the Brightest Star in the Night) in Telegram group: Nucleic acid test report is required to buy these 4 categories of medicines: anti-fever, antibiotics, anti-viral, and cough medications. (forwarded by the user: )it’s like “killing the mobs” for people to buy medicines.)

Comment: The CCP is again creating a humanitarian crisis using the pandemic as an excuse – the sick will have to wait for their deaths while having no access to medications.

2. The Global Times: Hope Americans see Pompeo as a “lunatic”.

Comment: the CCP will stigmatize whoever they don’t like, and have to do so in the name of the people.

3. huanqiu.com: The Supreme Court of Japan has declared the Chinese who burned Tojo Hideki’s Memorial Tablet in Yasukuni Shrine guilty.

Comment: The CCP hypes up these types of news to incite the blind nationalism among the ignorant, as a way of dealing with the enemies of the world after the truth of the virus is exposed.

4. ShangGuan News – Weekly anti-corruption highlights: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection suggested “to look back 20 years”- a secretary retired for 15 years was investigated.

Comment: This is much too “Cultural Revolution-like”.

5. Chinanews.com: Lots of patients were only tested positive after multiple tests had been taken. Has the virus gone cunning?

Comment: It’s not the virus that’s cunning, but the poor quality of the test-kits. When will the CCP quit “faking their rolling pin (bluffing)”

6. ZhengQuan (Securities) Daily: Behind Baidu and Apple crossing industry to manufacture cars: Has the time for software-defined cars come?

Comment: The CCP introduces the concept of ‘software-defined cars ’- when the CCP’s enterprises make up new concepts out of thin air, it is most likely that they are in fact attempting a financing fraud.

7. The Global Times: Hong Kong government ordered their civil servants to sign documents to pledge their loyalty within 4 weeks.

Comment: Even with the so-called, unanimously-passed Hong Kong Security law, the CCP mobs still have to hijack the people’s loyalty by making them swear an oath.

8. The Global Times: Pompeo has gone on a spree of 30 tweets in 2 days, and insists on “lying to the last moment”, which even the media in his hometown are not fond of. 

Comment: The Global Times is the one that is lying to the last moment – the CCP is so good at “being a thief whilst calling for help to catch thieves”. They hijack China and Chinese for the past 70 years.

9. NetEase: The one that made Tesla panic was not NIO or XiaoPeng, but HuaWei that does not make cars.

Comment: HuaWei touted the introduction of a laser radar that costs only $200 USD. Where did the technology come from? The price is one tenth of that of its Western counterparts. This is obviously unrealistic and where did the subsidy come from?

10. Tweet from NTD TV: Suspicion over officials holding back on the severity of the epidemic.  – Conflicts found  data between the Deputy Governor and the Health Commission of HeBei Province.

Comment: This piece of news reveals that the officialdom of the CCP has torn apart and gone their separate ways.

11. Tweet from CaoGenXiaoGe(new account): Nine Catholic archbishops died within one week, Religion and Financial Order.

Comment: The battle between the Chinese Communist Party and the Swamp, and that between several parties within the Swamp, have been going on fiercely all this time.

12. Tweet from XiXingXiaoBao: 16 Jan, Pence gave a speech to US marines on behalf of President Trump in a combat suit, stating “the best days for the greatest nation on earth are yet to come…”Who talks about the best days are yet to come when someone is about to leave the office? This is getting more and more similar to scenes from the “Infernal Affairs”.

Comment: Someone provided an idea to interpret this: the movie “Witness for the Prosecution” (a film previously highly recommended by LuDe, a famous host of an anti-CCP Youtube Channel.)

Information collected by Alicia, Cathy, Sky Sun, Near, WenDaShi, CharlesS/ Final Production by Alicia and CharlesS

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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