Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.21 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1/21/2021 LuDe Media (Lu Bo Ai Guan Hu)

Trump’s Wavering Caused the Loss of Election

The reason President Trump didn’t get the support of the Supreme Court and the establishment lies in his lack of authorization and his nepotism. He missed several opportunities to turn the tide. Biden’s victory was the result of a multi-party compromise. As early as in 2020, Mr. Bannon had predicted that Trump would lose the election if Trump do not focus on the virus as a biological weapon. It has been verified.

Two weeks ago, Bannon suggested that Trump establishes a presidential commission with Dr Yan inside to investigate the virus. At the last minute he compromised and didn’t sign. LuDe also revealed that Trump was supposed to sign several executive orders before leaving office, including freezing the assets of CCP in US and sanctions against the CCP’s banks, etc., which all didn’t happen due to his son-in-law’s all kinds of transactions. Pompeo identified the CCP of committing genocide and crimes against humanity before leaving office which made him a great statesman, and he is very likely to run for the next presidency.

It Would Take Much Money and Time if CCP’s Three Telecom Companies Intend to be Relisted

On Biden’s inauguration day, CCP’s three telecom companies apply to be relisted in NYSE against Trump’s delisting decision. LuDe analyzed that these companies belong to Jiang Zemin family, and they would certainly operate on it, but this would need enormous money and very long term of lobbying. It would involve great amout of interest during the operation, which might reveal the power of the Jiang family in U.S.. Bnd Xi would surely not want them to be relisted, which is a huge blow to the Jiang family.

Blinken Would Recognize Guaido as Venezuela Leader

The difference between Trump and Biden is that Trump is kind of willful, he denied many of his predecessor’s policies as soon as he assumed office, while Biden is much more sophisticated that he behaves more caustious and would continue the policies made by the predecessor.

Recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s Leader is a political asset of the Trump’s administration. Blinken’s statements revealed that Biden administration is willing to inherit the political assets of the Trump. The recognition implies U.S. will continue to confront CCP on Venezuela, and also indicates that U.S. policy toward CCP will not shift in a short term.

Beijing Sanctions Pompeo and Other Outgone US Officials, which Biden Administration Called Meaningless

Biden administration condemned Beijing’s move as an attempt to sow discord, and called on a bipartisan criticizing. Biden administration’s tough response against CCP coordinates with the Whistleblower Movement. With operations of the Whistleblower Movement, Trump administration paved a solid way for the elimination of CCP. Biden administration’s attitude isn’t clear. Whistleblower Movement will continue to operate on the previous basis, pushing Biden administration to decide to eliminate CCP.

U.S. will send troops to Iraq

In Bush administration, Biden had supported Bush to send troops to Iraq, indicating that Biden represented the interests of the military and military corporations. Trump’s withdrawing troops from Iraq and other parts of the world was originally aimed to attack CCP, but after withdrawing, his long term delaying of decision making made the military very unhappy. Driven by the huge interests, the military turned to support Biden. Biden administration would redeploy its troops to Iraq.

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