01/16/2021 Himalaya UK Express

Translator:John Cena / PR: ThomasH / Editor: TCC

Some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewers’ discretion is advised

  1. Himalaya – Domestic News Team: Mutual recognition of the Health Code System has yet to be implemented. The falsification of epidemic data has led to many local governments looking for excuses and shifting blames to others.

Comment: Regional governments have gone separate ways, which have created a management chaos whereby the people are deceived and fooled.

2. LuDe Media: The US Department of State published reports on the origin of the virus which all point to the WuHan Institute of Virology, and that it has ties with the CCP military in the making of the virus. The report also accuses the World Health Organization for its dereliction of duty. The China Committee of the US Congress has made it clear that Beijing committed genocide in Xinjiang.

Comment: This is a piece of heavyweight breaking news The movement to take down of the CCP has reached the final steps. The CCP can no longer count on Biden’s administration to continue their years.

3. BJNews: A confirmed case in Beijing only tested positive on the 7th nucleic acid test.

Comment: The officials still want to brand it as an “imported case”- even Netizens within the CCP firewall can’t stand it anymore, saying that the person was infected during the testing process.

4. CCTV: In the past 4 years, the “smartest” thing done by the master of the White House was to collect wealth in disguise through real estate.

Comment: The CCP are now unscrupulously spreading rumors and smearing.

5. National Supervisory Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: The dark hands of the U.S. political manipulation extend to the academia.

Comment: This is a very good piece of evidence that the CCP has just officially endorsed Professor Chen Gang who was arrested in the US.

6. DouYin (TikTok in China) Netizen: 10 consecutive nucleic acid tests over a 22- day period

Comment: This news obviously showed the (low) accuracy of the CCP’s tests.

7. Mechanical Technology: Spread the Words! You can use 5G without purchasing a 5G plan.

Comment: There is no free lunch! There are inseparable ties between the CCP’s desperate attempt to give the deprived deplorables 5G services, and high-tech slavery, I think.

8. Sohu: Controversy: “Debt Resolution with Moutai Shares”

Comment: The CCP pumps up the stock prices of certain listed state-owned enterprises and then transfers their equity to local governments to reduce the debts of local governments. How dark and shameless of the CCP is? 

9. Tencent: “Brain-fart” man in Jiajiang, Sichuan, is sentenced to 10 months for trampling on a national flag.

Comment: Communist Chinathis is not a country of its people.

10. The Paper: An asymptomatic imported case was detected in Hebi, Henan Province: the person was released back to Hebi from quarantine after  tested positive.

Comment: I reckon that as long as you have been abroad once in your life, the CCP will label you as “an imported case”.

11. Netease: The culprit arrested – Antifa leader arrested for inciting violence while disguising as a Trump supporter (photos).

Comment: Although many people inside the CCP firewall understand the truth; however, this type of news  never reveals  on the CCP’s grand external propaganda media.

12. The Paper: Many places in the United States have deployed National Guards to provide assistance in the security work, and officials worry that the vaccine distribution might be delayed.

Comment: Within the CCP’s firewall, the media relentless pushes for the narrative that the “Trump Trump Trump” government has been desperately pushing the vaccine. This may later be used to frame Trump in the case of large-scale vaccine accidents. 

13. Weibo Trending: A man arrested for refusing to delete a post that he exposes his neighbor brutalizing an old man.

Comment: Another example of the CCP’s ruling by falsehood and policing. The ordinary Chinese people have the internet but no freedom of speech.

14. Zhihu: what’s your comment on the breakdown of Dalian traffic service post’s Flash system, as they are “going full force to tackle the problem for a day and a night” to attempt to resume the Flash system.

Comment: A highly liked comment stated: It is embarrassing to talk about the Flash as a serious technical problem. Not to mention, in such a serious occasion, the officials actually used a third-party Ghost encapsulated operating system (meaning an official acknowledgement on use of a pirated Windows system.) 

15. Tweet from New York Post: 23 people died after getting the Pfizer vaccine in Norway.

16. Tweet: XiXingXiaobao: National Security consultant O’Brien issued a statement:  President Trump has issued an executive order to minimize federal goods and service procurement from China in policy and regulation.

17. Tweet from Aiwu (new account): President Trump proclaimed January 16, 2021, as the Religious Freedom Day.

Comment:  God-given human rights and religious freedom!

18. Tweet from Sky SheTianGong: The CCP lied and made empty promises. We must recognize this pattern and insist on the punishing the CCP when we want to change their bad behaviors. Appeasements and dialogues are pointless. 

Comment: Combined with Pompeo’s tweets, it is time for the United States to take action on the South China Sea.

Information collected by Alicia, Cathy, Sky Sun, Near, WenDaShi, CharlesS / Final Production by Alicia and CharlesS

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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