How To Save Our Compatriots in Tonghua Who Are Suffering Under the Barbaric Lock-down?

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Today Tonghua finally “viral”, “as desired” on the trending topic. This trending topic is not easy to come by, but the people of Tonghua are really overwhelmed, people are already starving, and there is the possibility of secondary disasters, they do not know if they can survive until the epidemic passes.

I. Material shortage

The total registered population of Tonghua City at the end of 2019 is about 2.1 million. Also according to the latest epidemic prevention and control data, the winter resident population of Tonghua is more than 400,000. There are two municipal districts in Tonghua, Dongchang District and Erdaojiang District, and Dongchang District is currently classified as a high-risk area.

On January 18, 2021, Tonghua was declared “lock-down”. At around 23:00 on January 21, the Dongchang District Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued a message saying that since 22:00 on January 21, 2021, residents of Dongchang District will be subject to closed home management and will not be allowed to go out. Community workers will come to your home to help with household goods distribution needs.

In the early hours of the following day, many people’s houses were sealed and required to be locked for at least three days. And just on January 19, the above-mentioned prevention and control command had issued a message that from now on each household every three days can be out of one person, with passes, ID cards to go out to buy household goods, but in the full nucleic acid testing period (2-3 days) is not allowed to go out to buy.

In response to China News Weekly’s interview, Tonghua citizens reflected about several key words: “unexpected seals”, “supermarkets that can’t be purchased”, “hotlines that can’t be dialed ” etc.

“There was no advance notice, people were too late to react, and there was no way to stock up”, said Xiaomin (a pseudonym, Dongchang District) to China News Weekly, after Tonghua “locked-down”, the attitude given by the relevant parties was that there were sufficient supplies without snapping up. But for now, Xiaomin has half a cabbage and some dumplings left to eat.

According to reports, after the lock-down, the relevant departments have given four online procurement platforms, including “Jitong Bang”. On the morning of the 24th, she clicked on “Jitong Bang” with hope, but the page showed a crash, and “even the order placed the day before was automatically cancelled”.

II. It is difficult to buy medicine for medical treatment

Trapped by the epidemic, there were also patients anxiously seeking medicine. Public information shows that there is only one tertiary hospital in Tonghua City, namely Tonghua Central Hospital, and it is the only local hospital designated for the coronavirus.

“By normal time, this would be the time for my father to be hospitalized for chemotherapy,” said Xiao Xi (a pseudonym, Dongchang District), whose father is a late-stage cancer patient but can only be kept from going to the hospital for the time being, considering the possible risks and resource constraints of the hospital.

“He’s been in more and more pain lately because there are no more painkillers,” Xiao Xi told China News Weekly, adding that painkillers have become a rather strained resource since the “lock-down”.

“There are more elderly people in our community, and they have been begging for medicine in the WeChat group, and there is a shortage of any medicine”, said Duoduo (pseudonym, Dongchang District), adding that among the aforementioned needs, drugs about heart stents and insulin are more common. Duoduo’s father is a diabetic and is currently unable to buy insulin and has to do with some other blood sugar control medication.

“I’m seven months pregnant now, and I’m supposed to go to the maternity checkup on the 18th and I haven’t been able to get out,” Lili (a pseudonym, Dongchang District) told China News Weekly, adding that nutrition during pregnancy has also become a problem. Lili said she had contacted the community several times, but no one answered the phone, while other hotlines said they were understaffed.

III. Apology of the Vice Mayor

Jiang Haiyan, vice mayor of Tonghua City of the Chinese Communist Party, expressed her apologies on behalf of the municipal government at the conference for the current problem of untimely and unavailable distribution of living materials to the public, which has caused great inconvenience to everyone’s life.

In response to the “food shortage” problem reflected by Tonghua citizens, Sun Xiaoting, director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that as of January 24 monitoring statistics, vegetable stocks of more than 2,000 tons, can supply more than 14 days, of which, merchants daily intake of about 500 tons, the government’s emergency reserve of vegetables 1500 tons; rice, flour, oil and other necessities in stock is sufficient to meet the basic needs of urban residents. However, interviews with The China Philanthropist found that the current anti-epidemic work in Tonghua is extremely short-handed and coordination is still not in place. Hotline unanswered distribution is still a problem.

The Chinese Communist Party is not benevolent and takes the people as its ruminants! Party nature overrides humanity, they can’t really solve the problem, they just get people banned or even solve the person who brought up the issue.

Only by destroying the CCP can the suffering compatriots in Tonghua be saved and the Chinese people be saved from slavery!

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