Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.20 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

The reaction of the CCP’s sanctions against Pompeo and 27 others

After Biden was sworn in, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced sanctions against 28 officials from the former administration, including Pompeo, banning them from entering China, Hong Kong and Macau in the future and “doing business” with China, on the grounds that they “seriously violated China’s sovereignty.” The list includes Bannon, Navarro, O’Brien, Pottinger and others. Such a sanction is of no meaning except showing that the CCP is really hurt, and it is more like a commendation meeting for these people to take down the CCP. However, it is also a warning to the United States that the CCP continues to confront, which will in turn speed up the destruction of the CCP.

Determination of crimes against humanity will lead to huge infighting within the CCP

With Biden inaugurated as U.S. president, Xi Jinping may declare within the CCP that he seizes the victory in the ultimate battle. But with the U.S. State Department’s determination of the CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity on January 19, it is unlikely that Xi Jinping will  say that he won, and the CCP will inevitably argue internally about whether it won or lost, how to step in to solve a series of problems, etc. Problems such as how to deal with the assets of the CCP and various families in the U.S. will produce a chain reaction. In the face of the loss of interests, property, decoupling and a series of other sanctions, the money of the CCP families will become less and less, the interests will become unstable, and finally infighting becomes inevitable. If the CCP wants to re-collude with the U.S., it must provide evidence against the determination, or otherwise the U.S. cannot cancel it. The pressure of the U.S. to drive the pressure of the CCP, as the internal fighting is the core of the destruction of the CCP.

The significance of Biden’s first day of administration

On the first day in office, Biden issued 17 executive orders, none of which canceled the crackdown on the CCP. The determination of the CCP’s crimes against humanity is the conclusion drawn from the long-term intelligence information accumulation. It’s a matter of politics game whether to publish the declaration. Once the agreement is reached, it will be almost impossible for anyone to remove label of crimes against humanity from the CCP. The current problems in the United States are caused by the CCP through kidnapping the Swamp, and the only way to solve them is to take down the CCP, which minimizes the damage and maximizes the benefits to the U.S. key stand and its people.

The CCP cannot be destroyed without you

Lude proposed that the CCP can not be eliminated without you, and you can be the last straw. Everyone should participate in it,  becoming a doer from a listener that just wait for news. Multiple farms were established and countless volunteers and teams actively taking actions, who all have great capabilities. Everyone is contributing and the awakened forces will become stronger and stronger, until forming a human wave that will surely slap the CCP to death on the shore. The power of each person should not be ignored, and each person should not give up on himself. The purpose of the Whistleblowing Movement is to take down the CCP, this is a war from the beginning, the real decision on the direction of the United States is the power of the key stand, which is the lobbying target of the Whistleblower Movement. On the contrary, the CCP lobbies several Swamp monsters, and it thinks that if it controls the them, it controls the United States. Every step of the Whistleblowing Movement was made with blood, sweat and the price of great sacrifices. Every step in the taking down the CCP relies on action, and everyone has to push forward with his or her own strength.

Twitter blocks the official account of the Chinese Embassy in the U.S.

The U.S. determination of the CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity reflects a shift in the national direction and tone of the United States. The CCP has become an illegitimate regime, so it’s not legal to help the CCP express its voice, which is equivalent to cutting off the channel of collusion between the CCP and the United States. The United States has no choice but to decouple with the CCP, which will also lead to the entire Western world decoupling with the CCP. Under such pressure, Twitter had to block the official CCP account even though it was controlled by the CCP.

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