People in North China Locked in Residences Without Food Supplies Due to the Quarantine Rules

Editor / Translator: Yexing
Proofreader:  Ana

  • Sudden sealing with tapes on each door
  • Closed Markets
  • Unusable hotline of government

The government office of Tonghua which is located in the northern China Jilin Province, has announced its lock down of the whole city since 18th January 2021.

In Tonghua there were officially 2.1 Million residents according to 2019 statistics. In the latest Covid-19 statement of the government there are around 400,000 people living there in winter.

Since 21st January 2021 people in half of the city have been banned from leaving their residences without prior notice. Not only the building entrances but also each apartment door has been sealed with tapes. All these doors were sealed in just one night. The government even sets a price of 5,000 Yuan for snitching on impermissible going out.

Food and other necessary supplies were promised to be delivered if requested. However, nothing happened since then. In the past days a huge amount of messages were posted in Weibo (the most popular social media in China), asking for foods, medicines or baby milk. The tape-sealing on single doors occurred so abruptly that people did not have chances to store foods or other things. They tried to make orders online, but sellers did not deliver. They called the announced five hotlines of the government. It never succeeded.

An unnamed resident told that the lock down started actually on 15th. It is very unusual for most families to have food storages for 10 days.

At this difficult situation the deputy mayor of Tonghua responded on 24th in a press conference that 800 volunteers are working intensively on delivering. It is unclear how these 800 volunteers could ensure the deliver for more than 200,000 people.    

Image: Seal the car in the name of epidemic prevention (from internet)
Image : one person in Tonghua call for help on internet due to locking at home by the government office


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