[Spotlight] Hastily Made CCP Virus Vaccines and Consequences Bound to Ensue

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As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus epidemic continues to worsen, many organizations have scrambled to begin vaccine development. At least a few dozen vaccines against the CCP virus have entered clinical trials. Some of them have been hastily introduced into the market. Vaccination efforts have already begun in many countries. So what exactly are the side effects of these vaccines?

● Humans Are Free reported on January 20,  that the Israeli Health Ministry said more than 12,400 residents tested positive after being vaccinated with Pfizer’s experimental vaccine.

● According to reports submitted to the federal system, 55 people have died in the United States after receiving the Moderna vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine.

● Zerohedge reported on January 16, 2021, that 29 people over 75 years old died in Norway from having the mRNA vaccine produced by Pfizer and other companies.

● According to Humans Are Free (January 18), California health officials have halted the Moderna vaccine to go public because nearly 10 people have had severe allergic reactions to it.

There are three phases for developing a vaccine: research and development, clinical trials, and production. To date, the fastest developed vaccine took more than four years. By contrast, the current ones, which are being used, were developed in less than a year. More surprisingly, Pfizer designed a CCP virus vaccine in just a few hours, and Moderna conducted so in two days. Such speedy vaccine production can lead to dire consequences that as shown above.

Nevertheless, the World Health Organization (WHO), notorious for the CCP virus, went so far as to modify the “cycle thresholds” or “CT values” used for the detection of the CCP virus to give these vaccines a leg up. In the past, many labs throughout the world have been using PCR tests with CT values over 35 or even to 40+. According to the new WHO guidelines, the CT value can only be in the range of 25-30. Why did the WHO change this value? The answer is simple: before the vaccines were available, testing with a high CT value could produce massive false positives. After the vaccine came into use, a lower CT value could cause the number of “positive cases” to drop dramatically. It makes people believe that the vaccine has worked miracles.

David Martin, a physician, offers a completely different perspective on today’s vaccines. According to Humans Are Free (January 15), David Martin believes that the vaccines being introduced by Moderna and Pfizer are not vaccines at all, either medically or legally. By definition, a vaccine should stimulate immunity and disrupt transmission. These two vaccines do not meet either of these fundamental requirements at all. Both of them are mRNAs packaged in fat envelopes that enter human cells, which become pathogen creators afterward.  The mRNA strand is not designed to stop transmission. It is a treatment, not a vaccine! And 80% of such vaccinated people experienced clinical adverse reactions.

Clearly, there are many potential dangers in using these hastily made vaccines, such as severe side effects, ineffectiveness, insufficiency of large-scale clinical trials, and lack of safety and reliability. Such vaccines are unlikely to defeat the unrestricted CCP bioweapon viruses for the unknown manufacturing details and the unceasing mutations, not to mention the pharmaceutical giants’ priority is to seize the market and make a fortune. Many people, who dread the vaccine more than the CCP virus, have already turned away. For them, infection is a possibility in the future, whereas vaccination may bring immediate and serious side effects.

Devastatingly, the CCP not only bans people from speaking out but also makes us breathe with a mask on. This diabolical organization has committed the crime against humanity and genocide and mustn’t be divorced from accountability!


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1 month ago

Try not to take any vaccines against CCP Virus! It’s definitely with huge risk.



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