Why is Hong Kong the Holy City for the Chinese People?

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Mr Miles Guo has mentioned repeatedly that Hong Kong is our Jerusalem, our holy city. Why? The author’s understanding of Mr Guo’s views are as follows.

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First and foremost, let’s take a look at Hong Kong’s legal environment. As a former colony of the British Empire, Hong Kong experienced governance under British laws of the United Kingdom.  The ‘rule of law’ is deeply engrained in her people.  Most Hong Kong people are law abiding citizens. Before doing anything, one first self reflects: “Is it legal?” Mr. Xiao Ruyuan, a Hong Kong immigrant to Taiwan, made a comparison between Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese with whom he has come across.  He found that Hong Kongers are the most law-abiding among the three groups. 

The New Federation State of China (NFSC), in pursuing a ‘rule of law’ and ‘one person, one vote’ society, Hong Kong is our role model. The masses in China have been brainwashed by the China Communist Party (CCP) and operate on CCP terms for 70 years. Under CCP ruling, the country is a police state dominated by falsehood, where it is acceptable to get things done through the back door, through relationships and bribery. 

We look forward to having NFSC changing the social-institutional environment of China, and achieving the aspiration of the country being governed by the rule of law.

Secondly, let’s talk about Hong Kong’s education system. Hong Kongers reject indoctrination.  There are no standard teaching materials in Hong Kong.  With regards to the History assessment in secondary schools, the curriculum requires about 20 per cent weighting to be allocated to assessing whether correct research and review methodology has been applied to historical information, with emphasis on authenticity of history.  Assignments for History require students to interprete History from a different perspective.  Hong Kong education also focuses on personal growth, character building and living habits.  Huang Zefeng and Zhou Tinghua whom we are familiar with are young, yet their show of courage and sense of responsibility far exceed that of the author.

In contrast, CCP’s education system produce slaves, some of whom are incapable of independent and critical thinking but great at brown nosing and offering/demanding sexual favours. 

For China to be strong, we need the young generation to be strong.  It is imperative that NSFC establishes a healthy national education system.

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Lastly, Hong Kong is an amalgamation of the West and the Oriental.  As we all know, Hong Kong’s education is conducted in English.  Hong Kongers generally have a good command of the English language and have no issue learning from Western civilization.  Hong Kong has traditional Chinese virtues of “benevolence and wisdom”, “loyalty and courage”, “gentle and frugal”, as well as Western universal values of freedom, equity, equality, democracy and the rule of law.

Now, under the invasion of the CCP, Hong Kong has been downgraded to a typical city of Mainland China.  Many Hong Kongers have been forced to commit suicide.  With the growing anti-CCP sentiment globally, CCP will surely be brought to justice.  Hong Kong, once the Pearl of the Orient, will shine again. 

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