Highlights of Miles Guo’s Morning Live Broadcast on January 25, 2021

Translators: MOS Himalaya; Brain Sanitizer, RD16, Cosmo, Rica
Proofreaders: RD16, Rica

1. The situation of our brothers-in-arms (BIAs) in the northeast is terrible. Many commoners have been locked up in their residential buildings fecklessly. At this crucial time, the CCP [covertly] resorted to requesting you to let the disaster take its toll, let death run its course. This is the very reason why we need the New Federal States of China (NFSC), why we need the Whistleblower Movement (WM)!

2.  As to Taiwan, the CCP’s policy is: in order to take over the island, it would not blink an eye if sacrificing massive lives of Taiwanese is called for. Our Himalaya farms and BIAs should do everything in our power to help these BIAs of Taiwan once they make it overseas. President Tsai Ing-Wen might just be the last democratically elected president of Taiwan. Many factors now are putting Taiwan at a disadvantage. Zeng Qinghong [top CCP leader] just has made his way to Fujian, while Jiang and Hu have been busy negotiating with other top CCP leaders.

3. Xi Jinping finally made a public appearance. Was it real or fake, I am not sure [jokingly]. But the CCP has an army of cameramen, lighting technicians, hairdressers, makeup artists at their disposal. The internal Health Bureau alone enlists about 20K staffs solely taking care of the Zhongnan “Pit.” Obviously, they won’t allow anyone to discern if he has gone through surgery or not. The CCP is actually at the forefront of brain surgery technology. But highly likely the one speaking on the Davos Forum via videotape was not Xi himself. Scouting a body double, scarless-surgery technology, making fake videos – Nobody comes even close to the CCP!

4.   I myself have heard Xi saying no less than 10 times that he vows to take back Taiwan. As to the extent of the draconian measures he imposed onto Xinjiang and Tibet, that’s even more beyond one’s imagination. He practically thinks he is Qin Shi Huang II [ Qin Shi Huang: the first emperor who unified China; notoriously cruelty]. By a chance of eight or nine out of ten, he is poised to attack Taiwan in order to annex Taiwan.

5. I just had a cup of new kind of coffee, of which the beans are oval-shaped. It was sent by a fund manager from UK. It actually won some awards last year. It goes for 46,000 pounds per 500g. The entire world only produced 3 pounds. He got it through auction. One could be kept high-spirited for 10 hours after drinking it.

6. All smart fellow fighters from Taiwan had better transfer their money to elsewhere immediately. For those who have the capabilities, better move away with no delay.

The BIAs from Fujian, Taiwan, Dalian and Hainan, do take note: the Taiwan Straits battle this time around will not end until some shocking outcome ensued. Either the Taiwanese will kneel down with guns surrendered, or they will be pummeled by the CCP beyond recognition. There will be no scenario No. 3.

It was me who revealed the [CCP’s] Double-Dragon Plan [HK & Taiwan] initially. This time the CCP is bound to follow through with it. The Americans may grandiosely condemn at first, followed by letting them off easy in a low-key way. The fate of Taiwan of being “reunified” or being betrayed is almost certain.

Except for one last hope – the Whistleblower Movement (WM) is here to take down the CPP, therefore Taiwan may be rescued from this calamity. This miracle can only be made true by the NFSC (New Federal State of China).

All those Taiwan leaders can think of is whether the U.S. is willing to lend a helping hand or not. If “No”, surrender and negotiation will be the only option. None of them has the guts to stand up and fight.

7. The most recent promotions and changes in personnel of the Chinese military, the political pressure exerted from CCP’s infighting, their moves to shift the attention of conflicts to elsewhere, and the four different camps of CCP’s top leadership – all these are only revealed by our WM media outlets. Every moment and every move of the CCP are on our radar, including Davos’ keynote speech being “One World One Dream”. Everyone would know this is dictated by the CCP. I was spot-on.

8.    The action against Taiwan will be determined by the outcome of negotiations between the four factions of the CCP. A few days back, these military planes headed over to Beijing for the meeting. Had we gotten to take out 2 of the four of them, today’s situation would have been completely changed – they would have been sent to Babaoshan Cemetery straight. And on the day of the meeting, had Xi not been able to stand up, the others would have carried it out. And there would not be any more “eye on Taiwan” now. We let the CCP slip this time, but the smoke on Babaoshan sure will be rising soon.

9.    Only the WM can save China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The final outcome of our WM could be either a joke or a miracle. We have proven that we are legendary thousands of times. Dr. Yan has solely challenged many scientists around the world with respect to the origin of the coronavirus. Mr. Hao Haidong and Ms. Ye Zhaoying have made a profound impact on the 1.4 billion Chinese. Moreover, they are inspiring hundreds of millions of BIAs in China or abroad joining us in taking down the CCP, shoulder by shoulder. We will use facts and actions to prove that the Whistleblower Movement is to be a legend.

10.  The BIAs who have been locked down or trapped in their homes need to help each other out. Once they made it overseas, our Himalaya Farms need to be all out to support them. The CCP is bound to be taken down by the New Federal State of China (NFSC), by our WM. But it won’t succeed with even a shred of opportunism.

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