How has the Chinese Culture been tampered with? – Part 4

The third period of Law close to Dharma, from Eastern Zhou to 1949 when People’s Republic of China was founded, was about 2,700 years. The traditional culture started to be corrupted, and the I Ching and the Way of Cosmos cannot be understood by the people. Afterwards, the moment of contention of a hundred schools of thought started. In consequence, the ancient Chinese culture began to be out of order. Fortunately, Laozi founded Taosim. Confucius organized the essential ethics and wisdom, although not completely, and founded the Confucianism. Even if Laozi and Confucius maintain the base of Chinese culture, the culture has still significantly impaired. The Primordial Book of Change probably cannot be understood by anyone other than Laozi.

The political system went backwards as well, from the feudal system, under which China was ruled by various Dukes, to a series dictator dyansties starting from Qin. After Qin Shi Hung, the 1st emperor of China, uniformed China and divided the countries into various counties, and all counties were ruled by the emperor. When Emperor Wu of Han ruled the countries, the power was even more centralized. During Song Dynasty, the political system was developed, and the nation might gradually turn to the Constitutionalism. Unforturnately, Song was destroyed by Mongols. The political development ceased as a result. The Ming and Qing dynasties turned the political system backwards again by further centralized the power to the emperor. The period covering 2,700 years in total were deemed as Chinese history in CCP’s education system. Since it is difficult to differentiate the good guys from the bad guys, the political sytsem would have to be based on righteousness rather than benevolence. Confucius promoted benevolence to be the base to rule the country compared with Laozi, who promoted rule by Dao and rule by Virtue. The Tao Te Ching is divided into two parts, the first part is Dao Jing and the second part is De jing, so Laozi has a higher state of awareness than Confucius.

During the third preriod of Law close to Dharma, China was ruled based on righteousness, which was the cause of tyranny. In terms of culture, Shang Yang and Dong Zhong Shu contributed to the foundation of all Chinese tyrannical ideology and enslaving education. The inappropriately tailored Confucianism, which is external Confucianism and internal legalism, over the 2,700 years was promoted by these two people. On the other hand, the positive model is Emperor Ren Zong of Song, who used ethics to rule the country. However, our history textbooks barely talked about him. Rather, what we learned were all about those tyrants such as Genghis Khan, Kang Xi, Qian Long, Tang Tai Zong, Qin Shi Huang and Han Wu Di.

To be continued!


Author:Lily  文也

Translator: Neal

Proofreader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver G-farm – 2021/01/25

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