Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.10 – NewYork Time

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1.Pompeo’s three major Determination on CCP’s has not been deleted

The three major statements about characterize CCP’s “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” issued by the US Department of State when Pompeo was in position has not been eliminated, but has been archived. And today the US Department of State issued a “Joint Statement on Hong Kong” to express its attitude towards Hong Kong and raise a voice for Hong Kong, This means that the new government will continue to follow the path of hostility between the US and the CCP, which is an important indicator of attitude.

2.Nominated U.S. secretary of state Blinken’s statement on CCP

During public hearing for nominating Antony John Blinken as U.S. secretary of state, he strongly support to take a tougher approach to China, and willing to work with Republicans. In additional, He demonstrated the CCP is the greatest threat to United States. During his political career, he supported the US military’s invasion on Iraq, which shows that he has military background support. Blinken’s status as Secretary of State means that he will fully control American diplomacy. Even if the CCP continues to pay off, it will be difficult to stop Blinken’s activities.

3.CCP continues to attack Pompeo

The CCP does not admit to the crime against human rights in Xinjiang, human rights in Hong Kong and other issues, and uses Cultural Revolution-style propaganda to frame Xinjiang. The CCP claims that issues such as human rights in Hong Kong and the virus are fabricated by Pompeo. But the US Department of State’s statement was based on intelligence, information, and various types of evidence. The CCP’s attack on Pompeo will only backfire and only deepen the US government’s antipathy towards the CCP. Pompeo represents the US government and the dignity of the US. It is useless for the CCP to criticize individuals. The US will never allow the CCP to attack senior officials who have left office. If it is allowed, the US would not have become the US today.

4.The Position of The Whistle-Blowers’ Movement in the US

The global focus is on the CCP right now. All countries in the world want to get profit from China. If they want to develop via China in the future, they need to understand China and the CCP in many ways. As long as you want to understand China and the CCP, you cannot avoid the Whistle-Blowers’ Movement. The Whistle-Blowers’ Movement has an excellent solution to destroy the CCP. Under the general trend of destroying the CCP, the Biden administration will soon realize the urgency of destroying the CCP. Coupled with the continuity of the previous government’s policies, whateverTrump, Biden, or the ever-existed deep state, as long as you want to understand the CCP and not be destroyed by the CCP, The only way is to unite with the Whistle-Blowers’ Movement.

5.CCP medias start Trump-attacking mode

Global Times editorial: Trump has become the laughing stock in history, and China and the United States need to be forward-focused. In addition, the long article directly attacked Trump, once again proving that those who deal with the CCP will be framed and attacked no matter whether the attitude is cooperative or hostile. Someone even assured Trump that as long as he will no longer “throws bricks”, the CCP will no longer retaliate against him after he steps down. However, the long article of the Global Times explains everything, and it is the true nature of the CCP to settle scores. Anyone who cooperates with the CCP to make money from the CCP does not want to loose life in China, but to take away the benefits. All forces in the United States, regardless of whether they are collaborating with the CCP, will soon realize the importance of destroying the CCP. The attack on Trump is just a prelude to the CCP’s future attacks on all American forces.

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