【Spotlight】Urgent Prayer Needed: People in Tonghua, New Center of Coronavirus Outbreak, Cut Off From Food Supplies

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The sudden “household closure order”— announced after the new coronavirus outbreak— make people in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, suffer from a severe food shortage.

Fourteen Communist Party cadres were held accountable today (Jan. 23) for the rapid spread of the epidemic in Tonghua municipality, Jilin Province. Instead of applauding the punishments, local people disclosed that every household in the city had been sealed, which have led to severe food shortages. They are calling on the authorities to do something practical first to solve the livelihood problems.

On 23th Jan, Tonghua municipality held its press conference which said, the second round of local full nucleic acid testing is almost over. As of the 22nd, more than 360,000 people were tested in the city, of which 88 shows positive, 138 confirmed cases, and 81 asymptomatic infections.

In this regard, the Tonghua Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a circular, saying that “a few cadres failed to manage the cases imported from outside the province and failed to perform their duties, which had an impact on the prevention and control of the epidemic,” so 14 cadres were held accountable.

Citizen claims the authorities could not care less of a potentially severe shortage of food supplies

But this time, citizens seem to have lost their trust in the CCP government that quell their anger by punishing “scapegoats” , just like they did during the Wuhan outbreak in early January last year. Almost no one is concerned about the official news. Instead, the message boards on the review area of Weibo blog, China Daily, Xinhua website, etc., are filled with appeals for help and complaints from local netizens.

A few reviews from the message boards below may tell the city’s chaotic situation during the lockdown.

No one wants to see this. I want to ask the authority how the daily suppliers can be delivered to 300,000 people through only two platforms. What the hell, how do the people survive?

The citizens now don’t need officials to be removed for the blame; they don’t want to see this. They just want to have food and drink. I hope the government will pay attention to this and not give the cold shoulder to the citizens who cooperate with the “household closure order.” I hope the government does practical protection methods regarding people’s livelihood and food distribution, as many people have been cut off from food. Please take action on the basic livelihoods, not just stay on paper.

The food is in serious shortage! Medicines are insufficient! Toilet paper is in urgent need! I hope to receive more sustained attention and support!

“Household Closure Order” in China totally different from the lockdown in Western countries

People may think the “household closure” in China is similar to lockdown in western countries, which is a huge misunderstanding. Any order issued by the Chinese totalitarian regime has never tackled problems from a humane view. The “household closure order” was notified only three hours before implementation, catching people off guard.

From 11 PM on Jan. 18, all villages and towns in Tonghua City were fully closed; From 1 AM on the 20th, the whole downtown district was labeled as a high-risk area. From 10 PM on the 22nd, the doors for residential households and buildings in the downtown district were sealed, and the release time is unspecified. 

People are moaning: “The neighborhoods have been closed for a long time before the household closure,” “Ten days have passed, there is really no food.”

Some people even started to criticize the government in a bold manner:

 The government gave five hotline numbers after implementing the full closure, none of which could be reached. Contact the community or call the hotline, no exception: no one answers the phone.

(Government) No longer care about the food! Not afraid of riots? Many patients have no medicine, not to mention the food!

It is no surprise that Weibo suppresses messages from the center of the pandemic outbreak and hot keywords that criticize the government. More than 100 confirmed cases in Tonghua do not get the attention they deserve, leaving locals grieving and angry.

A square cabin hospital with more than 1,000 beds has built-in Tonghua, but medical staff is in severe shortage to fight the epidemic. Much front-line personnel cannot sleep for days and nights, and the high workload has broken them physically and mentally.


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