Larry King and CCP’s Disinformation

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Larry King, an American television and radio host and paid spokesman, died yesterday, on January 23rd. He has been a winner of both Peabody and Emmy awards. What is his connection to the Whistleblower Movement?

A video interview by Larry King with a Russian lady on the topic of Mr. Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China, that went viral on YouTube and Facebook, turned out to be part of CCP’s propaganda.

The story behind this was that Jacobi Niv, who has known Larry King for about a decade, paid King to narrate half a dozen videos for companies or projects in Israel, at a price of several thousand dollars per piece. On March 27, 2019, Niv emailed a script to King’s executive producer, Jason Rovou. Rovou immediately recognized the piece as potentially problematic because it was about China, not Israel. In addition, King was expected to tape his questions without knowing the content or speaking to his interviewee.

Larry King and Jacobi Niv

The clip started with a preamble on the U.S. trade deficit with China and followed with these questions, “How can we strengthen the relationship between the 2 countries?” “Dolgova, you wanted to present us with a case that you mentioned on your show as well.” “There were several Chinese people who worked in China and allegedly committed crimes there who then fled to the United States and Europe, continuing on with their normal lives while leaving many angry people behind.” In this excerpt from the video, Dolgova warned against the U.S. granting Guo Wengui political asylum.

Who is Dolgova? King was informed that she is Russian journalist Anastasia Dolgova. However, according to her LinkedIn profile, she was head of the International Department at the Russian state-linked broadcaster – REN TV, and used to be an editor and news analyst for the state-owned Russia-24 Channel.

The video clip, after being processed, was posted on YouTube under the title “Larry King US China Special Conference 2019.” This was quickly spread by social media accounts linked to Chinese government influence operations and reached hundreds of thousands of users on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. According to ProPublica’s analysis on the data released by Twitter, “it showed that around 250 fake accounts linked to the Chinese government shared nearly 40 different links to the video, for a total of more than 500 times,” and “around half of those fake accounts had more than 10,000 followers.”

The video exposed how the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) disinformation campaigns is growing increasingly aggressive. Moreover, borrowing foreign media like Dolgova has become a part of the Chinese state media’s playbook, aiming to increase the credibility of the disinformation. Besides social media, the United Front Work Department of the CCP also disseminates its misinformation through the Confucius Institutes and its Thousand Talents program.

As a member of the New Federal State of China, I recognize the tactics used by the CCP which are always filled with lies. I remember Mr. Guo live broadcasted a message on April 10, 2019, the day after the video began to go viral, saying “When we looked up the videos, virtually all of them were posted by Wumaos – a group of Chinese government-funded internet trolls.” Mr. Guo’s lawyer also encouraged him to take legal actions to remove the videos because they appeared to signify Mr. King’s endorsement of the defamatory remarks.

The next question to ask is that should Niv and King have registered as foreign agents under Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA)? If convicted, they could face the maximum penalty for willful violations which is five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, or both. King’s response was, “Would I register as a foreign agent? That’s crazy. I’m not a foreign agent.”

This incident reflected that the Chinese government, possibly in concert with Russia, manipulated the American broadcasting icon. I think Mr. King has shown his regret in participating in this lousy scheme put up by the CCP. I hope he can rest in peace.

News Link: The Disinfomercial: How Larry King Got Duped Into Starring in Chinese Propaganda

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