Rooted In Truth

A poem by Jin Wang

I do not bide well my time
When behind bars of any making
My innate nature cannot be shaken or mistaken
For one which instinctually concedes and conforms
My heart is only
Set alight
By a fire that rages within
That which brings about a deliberate discord
To the prescribed order of things

I am truly interested in the whirlwind
That a moment can unexpectedly bring
The potential freedom within the unseen upheaval
The great tidal wave rolling in
The spiritual wellspring
Suddenly overflowing
Its energetic brim all down upon
The ongoing banality that makes up
The earthly rules of every day reality

I live for the infallible
Undeniable eventuality
That all things must flow
Toward the cosmic epicenter
Where the force of the Universe goes
That vast spinning
Unforgiving black hole
Who swaddled us tightly at birth
Within its powerful throes
While whispering intimately
To each of our souls
Then pushed us out into this self-absorbed and unconscious world is scary I know
But I will show you the way
To never stray into the depths of the dark
Blinded by misguided power and deceit
Lurking in a cesspool of depravity and sin

So, stay ever present
With the message of change
The undulating tides of a courageous and open mind
It unwaveringly remains
The clear Light of Truth
It funnels the entire might of the world
Into the deepest
Most awakened
Center of you ️
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1 month ago

I love “The clear light of the truth “🌹👏🙏😄❤️