[Headline News] Taiwan Issue Getting More Complicated, Especially Now (on Mr. Miles Guo’s 1/23 Live Broadcast)

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Miles Guo in his broadcast on Jan 23, 2021

As the U.S. election seems to be settling down, the U.S. – China relationship does not allow any heavyweights in the political arena to take a moment of shut-eye, not in Washington, not in Beijing. Particularly, when it comes to the issue of Taiwan Straits.

Horn-blaring Cars Driving on Changan Street in Beijing

On January 23, Mr. Guo in his G-TV live-broadcast gave some insights on what the CCP has been trying to grapple in the aftermath of receiving the blunt blows from then-Secretary Pompeo, particularly, designating the CCP as a regime of perpetrating genocide and anti-humanity. 

Mr. Guo said, “While paying attention to the international situation, now [the WM brothers-in-arms] are also keeping a close eye on Taiwan, Babaoshan cemetery [designated only for the most prominent CCP figures], Suzhou and Shanghai”. He hinted some boiling-point infighting has been going on among the four camps of most senior CCP leadership, namely, Xi, Wang, Jiang, and Hu. It is speculated that the deaths of some figures might be coming, which may instantly disrupt the current power balance.

Mr. Guo previously has made it clear, the CCP’s overall capacity in invading Taiwan is financially non-viable. Besides, the U.S. for obvious reasons will not just sit still and let Taiwan fight it alone. The CCP’s military, however “advanced” it may look on paper, compared to the prowess of the U.S. military, is as if “throwing an egg against a missile”, an analogy used by Mr. Guo, precisely depicts its humiliating and self-defeating nature.

U.S. Navy warships on navigation missions in the South China Sea (2016)

Those CCP’s leaders in the Zhongnai “Pit” know it all too well. But in order to extend the last stretch of its draconian ruling, the survival instinct is propelling Xi to secure a way to defeat other political foes from within. An uninspiringly easy solution – he may just take a page from Mao’s book – the Korean War (1950-1953), when Mao sent tons of young men and even kids to the arctic battlefields with no warm clothing, no proper weapons, no proper food supply to fight against the far-better-equipped U.S. troops.

Mao cold-bloodedly sent those young Chinese soldiers to their death, all in the name of protecting China’s sovereignty from the “Imperialist America.” The true aim though – Mao was determined to wipe out the armies of the generals who defected from the Nationalist Party after the civil war. He was so fearful of being toppled by those top leaders who also could command powerful troops of their own.  

Mr. Guo has spelled it all out for the top cadres of the CCP – do something NOW, and do not fall victim to serving as cannon fodder in a potential war in the name of “Reunifying Taiwan”, or the “Korean War” of 2021. If history is any indication, and with the global Take-Down-the-CCP wave gushing higher and higher, this is the final call – time to think wisely, and time to take action to redeem oneself before it’s too late.

Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Jan 23, 2021: https://gtv.org/video/id=600c3144dad90a755d55f499

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