Katyusha News Reference – Thursday, January 21,2021

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

I. The New Federal State of China News

1. In an exclusive interview, outgoing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai warned in an interview that the potential espionage activities of the Communist Party of China and threats to the freedom of the United States’ telecommunications network and the Internet will be the biggest national security issue for U.S. regulators in the next four years. He particularly stressed that the CCP has a very firm world view, and they want to dominate the Internet space and exert their will – even beyond the borders. This poses a serious threat not only to the freedom of the Internet but also to the national security of the United States and many of its allies.

2. On January 21, the policy subject column of the website of the U.S. Department of State was found to have removed six core subjects, including the threat of Communist China, 5G security, and illegal immigration. Among them, the threat of Communist China was a new column launched by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last November, which provides a detailed overview of the threat posed by them to global peace and security. At present, it is not clear why the Biden administration has removed the six policy subjects on the State Department website. In a nomination hearing in the Senate on January 19, the new Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that he agreed with the Trump administration’s tougher China policy, but not the relevant strategy.

3. Despite the constant negative news about vaccines, groups, including Communist China, are competing for the initiative of vaccine politics. On January 21, Indian government sources said that India will provide millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine to South Asian countries in the coming weeks to counter the influence and dominance of Communist China in the region. It is said that the AstraZeneca vaccine produced by the  Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, has begun arriving in countries such as Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is worth noting that a fire broke out at the Indian Serum Institute in the afternoon of January 21 local time, which has killed five people so far. The cause of the fire is unknown.

4. On January 22, U.S. media reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom hid the details of the $990 million state N95 mask contract with the Communist company BYD from the public and lawmakers, which is under review by the United States Congress.

5.The ongoing meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing is considering amendments to the Law on Medical Practitioners, which, in addition to the proposed name change to the Law on Physicians, stipulates that physicians must obey the authorities under certain circumstances. The amendments are criticized by the public, accusing the authorities of failing to learn a real lesson, but only hoping to prevent whistleblowers from appearing

6. Japan and senior Chinese diplomats held a video conference on maritime security issues on January 20, and Japan strongly protested the repeated intrusion of Chinese vessels into the waters near the Senkaku Islands and urged the Chinese Communist Party to take action to address Japan’s concerns about the activities of Chinese vessels in the waters near the Senkaku Islands, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said

II. World News

1. On January 21, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the United States will join the World Health Organization’s “COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan” (COVAX) to “push multilateral efforts” to contain the spread of the CCP virus. Fauci’s speech shows that the position of the United States under President Biden may change.

2. On January 21, German Chancellor Merkel said in response to “North Stream 2” that despite differences with the United States, her basic position has not changed and will not give up the gas pipeline project with Russia. It is foreseeable that Germany will also be in conflict with the Biden administration of the United States on this project.

3. Michael Pack, the director of the Voice of America and appointed by the Trump administration, was asked to submit a resignation letter just after Biden took office on January 21. After Pack left, the Biden administration announced that Kelu Chao a senior Chinese-American senior executive of VOA would temporarily take over. In 2017, the Voice of America incident of Mr. Wen Gui’s “419 cut off from the broadcast event ” revealed that the main streammedia of America are deeply infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party

4. On January 21, a series of explosions occurred in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the central market, killing 32 people. This is the deadliest terrorist attack in Baghdad in more than three years.

5. On January 21st, local time, U.S. President Biden delivered a speech on the response to the CCP virus outbreak and signed a series of executive orders to deal with the outbreak. Every passenger flying to the U.S. from other countries will need to be tested for the virus before boarding the plane and quarantined after arriving in the U.S., Biden said in his speech. He also released a comprehensive strategy for responding to the outbreak, a 198-page document that focuses on accelerating vaccinations, while also  wearing masks, enhancing testing, and taking other public health measures.

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