Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on January 22, 2021

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  1. Yuda Palace Hotel (Yuda) was built at a cost of 2.6 billion RMB and now it is put on auction for 1.28 billion RMB. Many reports of Chinese media WeChat and Sina were illogical. At that time, Yuda was the largest joint venture, accounting for half of the total foreign exchange investment in Henan Province for three consecutive years, and was the most international enterprise in Henan. According to Chinese media reports, Yuda is 400 million RMB in debt. Only 400 million RMB in debt for a $400 million US dollars investment. In the whole of China, we cannot find another financial success like this. Yuda is the face of Henan people. After 30 years Yuda is still in operation with such low debt, to expect it to have zero debt would be the most illogical thing in the world.
  1. Yuda is now worth 40,000-60,000 RMB per square meter (1 Sm=10.76 Sqft). The price of the property only increased 12-15 times. Residential property prices (in China) have risen hundreds of times. With the current market value of all the construction materials of Yuda, it would cost 8 billion RMB to build today. So, should the market value of Yuda be 50 billion, or 10 billion? How can it be auctioned at such an illogical price of only 1.28 billion today! But the Chinese media all shut up and do not ask why a properly-run business like this could be auctioned at such a price. Last year a Hong Kong businessman wanted to buy Yuda for 6 billion Hong Kong dollars, I did not agree to sell it to him.
  1. It is said that someone is dead, in transit, and the body is in the process of being transported to Suzhou. (People) in the country (China) don’t know yet. Please pay attention to Suzhou, to Shanghai, to the Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery. 
  1. The story of laying the foundation of Yuda. Yuda, in Henan province, was originally planned on a piece of land next to the Municipal Government. It was called Lin Shanzhai (a village) at the time, and almost all inhabitants had the last name Guo. Zhengzhou City was like a country onto itself before the Cultural Revolution. It was surrounded by 9 villages, led by the main village Lin Shanzhai. Lin Shanzai was the commercial centre back then. Later, when the Communist Party came, they divided a piece of land from Lin Shanzhai and built the most luxurious Zhengzhou City Government there. Later they divided another parcel of land in Lin Shanzhai village to build the Zhengzhou State Taxation Bureau. Then Mr. Guo came to the village with a plan to demolish the remaining part of land in the village controlled by the local Guo family (to build Yuda). After a battle with the head of the local Guo family, Miles Guo became the honorary deputy village chief. Lin Shanzhai village is a magical place and has many legends. Before the demolition, almost all the people in the Ching (Yijing) Science and Culture Association told the land on which the village stands are full of magic. Mao Zedong and Sun Yat-sen required their personal approval (for any changes to be made on this land). There are magic trees, magic woods and magic soil with trenches and ridges on this land. In the end, Miles Guo hired a Feng Shui master in Wudang Mountain to check the Feng Shui for the project. The master surveyed the land and said “as soon as you start to break ground in this place, either the person in charge of the project will die, or his family member will die, so you need to hold a ceremony before the construction”.
  1. Mr. Guo’s strategy was to quickly begin demolition. However, (in the design plan) there was a thousand-year-old tree in the place where the elevator room of the current east tower of Yuda was to be installed. When everyone discussed how to prepare and conduct the ceremony, the ancient tree spontaneously combusted. Later, when the foundation stone for Yuda was to be laid, another Feng Shui master said: “The day Yuda is completed will be the country’s economic takeoff. Mr. Guo will influence the country’s fortunes. The rich can become invincible. But if in the future, the building will be demolished or will change owners, it will cause the (country’s) top leaders to die.” During the construction process, a photographer filming the elevator shaft captured two people falling to their deaths. Feng Shui masters explained, “If there is movement in the middle of the elevator shaft, people will die because that location is exactly where the original ancient tree was. and also, Yuda should pay attention to fire prevention.” As a result, the fire prevention system of Yuda is the best. Three days before the completion of Yuda, Mr. Guo’s third brother passed away (he was the construction supervisor of Yuda).
  1. The saga and magic of Yuda has not stopped since. Many big political events occurred there. When they started auctioning off Yuda, Wengui (Miles Guo) was convinced that something big was going to happen. Twenty-two days ago, I (Miles Guo) discussed with my fellow fighters how the CCP would be eliminated by itself. What is happening now (inside the CCP party)? Stay tuned to see what will happen in Suzhou, Shanghai, and the Babaoshan revolutionary cemetery, to verify for yourself the power of the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers Movement and to verify whether China’s Qinmen Dunjia is working (Qimen Dunjia is an ancient form of divination from China) 
  1. God will give us a stable and safe environment to live in after we eliminate the kleptocrats of our country. Our great fellow fighters in arms, no matter how much it costs, history and the future of the New Federal State of China will not forget. We will show the world the power of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers Movement. We will not give the CCP another ‘1976 ending’. History will not repeat itself because of the New Federal State of China. The favorable timing, geographic advantage and the unity of all ranks are on the side of the Chinese people and the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China.
  1. Fellow fighters-in-arms who want to know the result, please watch CCTV (China Central Television).
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