Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.20 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1.President Trump Granted clemency to Mr. Stephen K. Bannon

       The White House of U.S.  President Donald Trump issued a Grants pardons on 19th January 2021, pards to 143 individuals and commuted the sentences. Among them, Mr. Bannon a former White House chief strategist and adviser, was a staunch anti-CCP and supporter of the Whistle-blowers’ Movement. particular attracted media attention.  On August 20, 2020, Mr. Bannon was arrested for allegedly misappropriating funds from “We Build the Wall” project (a nongovernmental project to raise funds for the construction of the US-Mexico border wall) He was later released on bail. President Trump’s pardon for Bannon means that Bannon no longer needs to be under investigation and questioned by prosecutors.  This pardon does not include President Trump himself, his family and Mr. Rudy Giuliani.

2. The Trend by U.S Government of Destroying the CCP Is Irreversible

      Before power transfer in the United States on the 20th, President Trump’s administration passed a series of bills and initiated the process of defining CCP.  The most important of these are the CCP’s “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. which are the most meaningful characterizations of the CCP and the inevitable result of the tendency to destroy the CCP.  No matter who is the president or the party in power, including Europe and other places, the trend of destroying the CCP world-widely has been irreversible, and it has truly entered a duration of automatic annihilation of the CCP and annihilation of the CCP lawful.

3. How the CCP Will Be Taken Down Next

      Secretary Mike Pompeo’s recent criticism of the CCP on Twitter and his direct exposure of the CCP Wuhan Virus Research Institute’s attitude shows that the United States has fully grasped the absolute evidence that the CCP’s virus and the fact that CCP are the world’s greatest threat, forming a resolutely ecosystem to take down the CCP.  This is the same as Mr. Miles predicted before. The whole world will pursue the truth about the source of the virus, the truth about the fraud in the US presidential election, and the accountability of giant companies and Wall Street interest groups licking the CCP.  Anyone in the world wants to gain something politically and economically in the future, the unique and priority is taking down the CCP.

4. The Substantial and Credibility of Whistle-Blowers’ Movement

     The recent series of US government policies and convictions against CCP, any discerning person with a glance is clear that a lot of intelligence information in it comes from suggestions and info sources of Whistle-blowers’ Movement.  Especially from the Twitter of Secretary Pompeo, can be seen the strength of Whistle-blowers’ Movement has been fully trusted and supported by the US government.  According to Mr. Mile’s comments, the whole world is thinking about establishing relations with the New Federal States of China, hoping to have absolute and comprehensive cooperation and have consistent development goals in the future.  The U.S. government is about to power transfer so called, but no matter who is the president, no one can continue to infiltrate with the CCP.  The attitude of Whistle-blowers’ Movement and the New Federal States of China, and the information shared action of Whistle-blowers’ Movement and the New Federal States of China lead them wants to win and cooperate.

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