Hong Kong Christians Prepare for Possible Persecution from Communist China

According to CBN News’ report (Jan 21, 2021), once a free-willing city, Hong Kong is now witnessing dramatic transformation on all levels. Christian fears Hong Kong is becoming like any other city in mainland China, and that religious regulations there combined with the new security law will soon apply to them, making it almost impossible to practice their faith. 

Chris Patton, Hong Kong’s last governor says what’s happening in the city is nothing short of china’s brutal destruction of a free society. “And this is a further turning of the screw in Hong Kong, a further attempt to destroy the freedoms of a city which has thrived under the rule of law.If they think they can actually lock up the idea of freedom and democracy forever they’re kidding themselves. The truth is they’re absolutely terrified of what liberal democracies stand for.”


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Translator: 【Dlrow】 Proofreader: 【【Isaiah4031】 Subtitle: 【罗宾 Robin (文宾)】 Editor: 【Mark】【Isaiah4031】

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