Markham and Wuhan Celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Partnership as Sister Cities

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Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, a series of inefficient and ineffective measures have been carried out by the Canadian government, which have resulted in the epidemic getting out of control. Recently, a scandal has been revealed to the public that Canadian government concealed the fact that several soldiers who participated in the October 2019 Wuhan Military Games contracted CCP virus there. And yet, the Markham City Government in Ontario just celebrated its 15th partnership anniversary with Wuhan as its sister city.

On January 14, Wuhan and Markham held an event to celebrate the 15th partnership anniversary as sister cities jointly with the celebration of the10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

Han Tao Image source: Toronto Consulate General website

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Wuhan Deputy Mayor Jiang Wei, Consulor Han tao of Chinese Consul General in Toronto, Canadian Senator Victor Oh, Canadian Hubei Chamber of Commerce Chairman Lu Yuefeng, and hundreds of officials, parliamentarians, and entrepreneurs from these two cities attended the event. After the event, a Canada-China Economic and Trade Forum titled “Economic Reconstruction and Cooperation in the Post-epidemic Era” was held.

 As of January 20, the official statistics of Canada’s infection rate of the CCP virus have reached 727,928 cases, and 18,493 people have died.  Markham is located in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Markham’s population is over 350,000, it’s Chinese population accounts for 46% of the city’s total population and is ranked the highest in Ontario. The Canadian headquarters of companies with Chinese Communist background such as Huawei and Bank of China are all located here.

Bank of China Canada office building in Markham, Ontario, Canada
Huawei Technologies Canada office building in Markham, Ontario, Canada

Canadians have gradually awakened to the fact that the epidemic is a tool of the global elites’ reset plan.  The Canadian government has been deeply infiltrated by the CCP,  and it has turned a blind eye on the origin of the CCP virus, and has helped the abusers to continue to drag Canadians into the abyss.

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