【Giselle Column】Retreat To Advance, Seek Justice Through Legal Action

Author: Giselle
Translator: Jayvo
Proof-Edit: Lish

In the early morning of January 20, the US Eastern Time, President Trump and First Lady Melania departed the White House on Marine One to attend the farewell ceremony held by the military at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to mark the end of the first term of his 45th presidency.

And meanwhile, Biden was being sworn in as the 46th President of the US. In his first day in office, Biden has already signed a total of 17 executive orders to reverse the course of Trump’s policies on a number of critical fronts.

Most of these executives orders invariably focused on the resolutions in dealing with “virus-crisis, economic-crisis, climate-crisis and social-crisis arising out of racial inequality”, enabling the US to rejoin Paris Climate Accord, and World Health Organization, and placing a halt on Trump’s border wall construction between Mexico and the US, mandating social distancing and the wearing of masks on federal property etc.

Insofar, none of the highly anticipated high-profile arrests, open trials, or turning-point events has taken place by the January 20 Inauguration Day. Indeed, that must appear somewhat discouraging to most people.  Nonetheless, this is the day that marks the wisdom, courage, choice and persistence of a great American patriot. 

Both the evil forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Warriors of Light led by the Trump team have fought their hardest in the ultimate battle over the US election fraud. The evil forces hope to drag the United States into the abyss of civil war and be subject to all kinds of terrorist attacks and bomb threats. Whereas, President Trump, the warrior of light, has been doing his utmost to prevent tragic losses of civilian lives and properties from arising due to those pending riots and civil war. In the end, he has chosen a peaceful resolution to steer the nation away from this crisis. That’s his final line of defence.

Yet the hard reality remains:  Biden’s election “win” was based on the statistics and widespread propaganda coordinated between the mainstream media, and high-tech giants through their unchecked power and undue influence.

Under such circumstances, it seems clear that without the mainstream media’s willingness to report the truth, ascertain and clarify facts, forcefully arresting and putting Biden on trial would likely agitate the public even more.  Because the mainstream media has been brainwashing for far too long, and their ongoing disinformation and slander campaigns have twisted the truth and completely deceived the public.  The majority of people in many western countries, including Australia, do not trust Trump.  Even within the United States, many people are still not awakened, and they simply cannot see that the United States is already at its most dangerous tipping point.

Thus, until such time the US mainstream media is free from manipulation and control, any coercive measures taken against the evil forces may only cause backfire.  So did Biden really win? Perhaps not!

  • The military only serves the Constitution, not to criminals, even if you are the president. If there is conclusive evidence that you have committed a crime, it is only a matter of time before you are arrested and convicted.
  • The process involved in reforming a corrupted judiciary, and replacing it with a righteous and courageous judicial team would certainly take time, and may even require foreign aid from allies such as NATO.
  • Before the end of his term, President Trump issued several presidential orders to offer protection to law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors and their families, and to protect Americans from excessive criminal penalties.  This is an indication that the real legal battle has just begun. (For a detailed explanation, please see [G Times])


  • In contrast, Biden signed 17 executive orders at once in his first day in office shortly after being sworn-in. The people should be able to see clearly by now which president truly loves America, and which one is only eager to slice up America for sale.
  • Executive orders need to be duly implemented to fulfil their purposes, otherwise they are merely empty words regardless of how many executive orders are issued.
  • “Retreat to Advance” is a step taken to protect the innocent from harm, to be better positioned for future strikes, and also to seek justice through legal action.

President Trump,  in the morning of January 20, at Joint Base Andrews told his supporters it had been an “incredible four years” and “we will be back in some form!”

All of us await you – Trump!  We look forward to the glorious return of a real president, and the beginning of “Our Incredible Journey” together as you’ve promised.

(The content of this article represents the author’s personal opinion only)

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