Communism is the Root of Modern Evil

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On January 19, 2021, Michael R. Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, issued a statement declaring the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang to be genocide and crimes against humanity. [1] In his tweets, he also made clear distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Source: Twitter

This statement is a message of unity to the CCP – the common enemy of civilization and humanity, “we are coming to you!”.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken said “That would be my judgment as well.” when asked about the statement during his confirmation hearing. Policy makers may have different views on social policies, but against evil, there is only one policy that is we are united to take it down.

When we look at any human or animal group, a stable hierarchy of value and power is the key to group prosperity. When it comes to human beings, hierarchy is the common way for conscientious people to deal with complex issues, and it is an effective and simple way to manage problems and create value. The underlying problem is how to keep the hierarchy flowing from bottom to top. This is actually why in the free world we always see leftist and rightist parties. The harmonic interactions enable bottom-to-up flows, thus stabilizing the hierarchy. However, both post modernism and communism view hierarchy as a pure form of power and consider tyranny to be its only outcome. The way they want to solve this challenge is to break down the hierarchy and see the world as groups of people. When we look back at history, communism always ended up putting these groups in a hierarchy, and sitting at the top as tyrants.

Now you can see why there are more and more groups trying to represent people and deny any personal views that are against them. When you try to guard the hierarchy, you’d better be careful not to be too extreme and not to be consumed by communism.

This is one of the greatest achievements the Trump administration has done, declaring the evil of the CCP. And now it is up to all of us, led by the free world, to work together to take down the CCP.

Source Reference:

[1] Determination of the Secretary of State on Atrocities in Xinjiang.

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