01/20/2021 GTV UK News Special – An Interview With Mr. Bannon: Trump vs. CCP

Summary: Dr. Ming; Editor: Shibukedang; Page: The Pawn

The 20th January 2021 is the last day of President Donald Trump’s first term. President Trump is the first US President who has confronted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the most dangerous totalitarian dictatorship in human history. He has fought the hardest of battles against the CCP’s unrestricted warfare. Some of them are within the US borders.

To express appreciation and admiration for President Trump’s courage and heroism, GTV UK News delivers a 6-hour English broadcast special to reflect the hard battles he has fought. These include the American Big Tech censorship, the CCP Virus as a bioweapon, the CCP’s human rights abuse and religious suppression, the CCP’s crackdown of Hong Kong and the CCP’s infiltration of US academia. While none ends yet, President Trump has turned the direction towards defending the American people and the free world against the CCP.

The end of President Trump’s term is only the beginning. We, the fellow warriors of the New Federal State of China, will carry on fighting his fight. Take down the CCP and restore democracy, rule of law and liberty for the world.

One of the highlights of the broadcast is a 15-minute interview with Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, who is on President Trump’s pardon list. Following is the list of our questions.

1. You are on the pardon list by President Trump. How do you feel about it?

2. The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe published a report uncovering significant interference by the CCP to interfere and change the result of the US election 2020 but the CIA management has tried to water it down. What is your view?

3. Within 10 days of approaching the inauguration, the Trump administration has imposed sanction and restriction against the CCP officials and entities, including red flag warning 1,100 military companies. How likely is it that the Biden administration will reverse these decisions?

4. How do you interpret the significance of Mr. Peter Navarro’s three reports for the rigged election and its relevance to the CCP virus?

5. Your War Room team call COVID 19 as the CCP Virus, so do Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro. When will the President also call it so?

6. We know that President Trump did not concede and we believe he will be back. And now Biden has become the 46th President of the US and starts to cooperate with Communist China, what is the plan for the potential damage control?

7. As of Jan 16, 55 Americans and 29 Norwegians have died of CCP virus vaccination mostly related to Pfizer. Hydroxychloroquine is still the most effective and preventive drug hailed by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, which could be a game changer. What is your thought on this? Why is hydroxychloroquine so hard to be available for the vast majority of people in the US?

8. Of the 55 arrested under the National security law in Hong Kong on the 6th January, one is an American lawyer who has lived in the city for quite a long time. Do you have any advice for Americans who are currently staying in Hong Kong?

9. Now we see banks join the Big-Techs to suspend their services for President Trump, like Deutsche Bank, Professional Bank. Do you think these malicious actions have been masterminded by the CCP in order to destroy President Trump by unrestricted means?

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