Katyusha News Reference – Monday, January 18,2021

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Eddy

I.The Federal State of China News

1.Dr. Limeng Yan requests for WHO to investigate the Pangolin Coronavirus and RmYN02 Bat Coronavirus on January 19, with independent verification of the massive academic scandal related to the origin of the CCP virus and to clarify the role play by  CCP military laboratories. (Documents)

2.The World Health Organization held an executive committee meeting on January 18. The United States, the European Union and Australia all stressed the importance of going to Communist  China to trace the source of the virus. The US has more openly stated that the party must hand over the information, but then it has made a statement demanding “an end to political pressure outside of science”.

3.Dr. Peter Dasack, who published an article last February in The Lancet, denouncing the unnatural origin of the CCP virus as a “conspiracy theory” admitted through a spokesman on Friday that he issued the statement to protect CCP scientists from criticism.

4.The National Bureau of Statistics of Communist China released the 2020 economic data on January 18, with GDP growth of 2.3% year-on-year, the same as the data disclosed in advance by the CCP through foreign media. But industry insiders have pointed out that there are many contradictions in the data. At the same time, after the data were published, the pro-CCP media began to propagate the misinformation of the accelerated recovery of the mainland’s economy.

5. On January 17, the British government called on the Communist Chinese state to allow the United Nations Human Rights Council to enter Xinjiang for investigation. British Foreign Minister Raab said in an interview with the BBC that Britain should not trade freely with countries that violate human rights.

6.According to a report exclusively obtained by the British media on January 15, President Trump has cut aid to Communist China by 52% over the past year. The White House report shows that the amount of U.S. aid to China has decreased from $62 million in fiscal 2019 to $30 million in fiscal 2020.

7. President Trump signed an executive order (document) on Monday (January 18) directing U.S. government agencies to assess any security risks posed by CCP-made drones and prioritize their removal. In the notes to the executive order, for the first time, the CCP, alongwith North Korea, Iran, Russia, and so on, is referred to as a hostile country.

II. World News

1. In an interview with the media on the evening of January 17, Mr. Giuliani said that he would not participate in President Trump’s impeachment defense. Mr. Giuliani, who spoke for President Trump at a rally before January 6, said in the interview, “Because I had previously spoken at the rally, I became a witness and could not participate in the defense of the impeachment case in the Senate.”

2. On January 18, the White House issued a presidential executive order saying that the Trump administration lifted the travel ban on most non-Americans arriving from Europe and Brazil to the United States, effective January 26, but the travel ban on the Communist China and Iran remains in place  

3. Following Poland, Hungary’s Minister of Justice Judit Varga said on January 18 that social media companies should be sanctioned for their “systematic abuse” of free speech. Mr. Varga called such behavior “unfair business behavior”.

4. On January 19, the EU will announce a plan to strengthen the international role of the Euro, seeking to weaken the dominance of the Dollar and shield the EU from financial risks, including US sanctions. “Promoting sustainable finance is an opportunity to develop the EU financial market in a global ‘green finance’ center, thus supporting the Euro as the default currency for sustainable financial products”, the draft plan said. The plan shares the appeal of the monetary strategy of the Chinese Communist Party, and together threatens the monetary status of the Dollar.5. Experts said on January 18 that the mutant strain of the CCP virus found in South Africa is more infectious than previous strains, but there is no evidence that the mutant virus in South Africa is more

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