How Much Food Does 105 Yuan (RMB) Get You in China?

In my personal experience, all I managed to buy with 105 yuan were a packet of noodles, a packet of pancake strips, 2 pounds of cucumber and 2 pounds of chives.

A fortnight into the new year of 2021, Covid-19 continues to ravage throughout China.  In Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, the situation is severe.  Infection rate is high proving the virus is spreading rapidly.  It completely exposed China Communist Party’s (CCP) lies as a global pioneer and leader in pandemic control.  

It is a bitter recurrence of Wuhan to the helpless Hebei population.  Districts went into lockdown, no one were permitted to step beyond the boundary of local communities.  Exits at apartment blocks were sealed leaving residents lone-lily trapped to fend for themselves.   Streets were blocked, cars were sealed banning drivers and passengers on board from disembarking.

Translation: Tapes were placed on car doors

These absurdity repeats endlessly in Communist China.  It exposes CCP’s inability and chaotic mode of governance.  Under the brutal dictatorship of CCP and weak moral decay in the society, inter human relationship is as thin as veil.  There is lack of love and trust, everyone can be an enemy.

This time, the Shijiazhuang outbreak in Hebei Province is another replay of what happened in other locations in 2020.  At the order of CCP, traffic closure disrupted transportation logistics, merchants could not sell goods that piled up in the warehouses, forcing dumping of rotten perishable food, leading bankruptcy of businesses.  Some have borrowed money that only barely kept their businesses running.  Of course, the CCP will not provide any help to reduce your debt, instead shamelessly brag about brainwashing the population with slogans such as “Communism will not travel the evil road of Capitalism, distributing unsustainable junk welfare”.

Due to obstructed supply chain coupled with the social moral decay under the rule of the CCP, food prices around Hebei areas have risen sharply, vegetables and eggs have doubled and several times more.  For most population with an average income of 2000 to 3000 RMB, such price increases in addition to industries closure, community lockdown, without any source of income, the pressure is exceedingly great. The authority has no control over the soaring prices. The ordinary people are left to face daily problems and difficulties alone with no support from the government.

In contrast, governments in Europe and the United States give relief payments.  For example, each person receives $600 in the United States (US), possibly $2,000 if approved in the next budget.  The US government even sent troops to distribute supplies to the American people.

What did the CCP do for the Chinese people? Nothing.

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