A Lie After a Lie About the CCP Virus Outbreak In Wuhan

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🔗武汉社区办万家宴 4万户家庭创出13986道菜(图)

A Lie After a Lie About the CCP Virus Outbreak In Wuhan

Wuhan One Year Ago: City-Wide Feast with 40 Thousand Families Took Place Two Days Before Wuhan Lockdown


On January 19th, 2020, a little more than a year ago today, the director and the chief doctor of the Wuhan Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Li Gang asserted at a press conference with reporters that the pandemic was not severe, was highly manageable, and was easily preventable. Below are some excerpts from the actual interview:

Reporter: Can you make an initial assessment of the current situation of the pandemic? Is it preventable and controllable?

Li Gang: Based on clinical manifestations of confirmed patients, medical reports of people in contact as well as research on related epidemiology, we conclude that the new COVID-19 virus has a low transmission rate. We do not exclude the possibility of it being transmitted through person-to-person contact, but such risk is very low. This virus is highly preventable and controllable with our increasing implementations of various prevention and control measures. The symptoms of the majority of patients are mild. Out of 763 people who came into contact with patients, we have released 681 out of medical observation. We did not find similar infection within people who contacted them.

Reporter: As a metropolitan city with a population of tens of millions, what measures have Wuhan implemented to prevent further spread of the pandemic? Chinese New Year (CNY) and the Lantern Festival are both arriving soon. What other measures will Wuhan take?

Vice-mayor of Wuhan City Chen Xiexin: Since the beginning of this pandemic, Wuhan has built a connection system for collaborations among different levels of the government, and set up expert teams to deal with the pandemic effectively and swiftly. We aim to treat patients fully and prevent further spreading of the virus, with the following few key measures:

On January 19, Li Gang, director and chief physician of the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, was on hand to answer questions from reporters

1) Strengthen surveillance on people who were in contact with the patients. It is called “Three Checks In One Station”programs that set up temperature detection points with one head of neighbourhood, one head of surveillance, and one medical staff.

2) Implement joint prevention and control. Strengthen collaboration between departments, consolidate responsibilities, and compartmentalise missions to strictly prevent spreading of the virus.

In particular, activities of involving massive crowds must be strictly regulated. The principle of “no gathering unless necessary” must be followed to in order to monitor and reduce large-scale gatherings during the Chinese New Year. For the upcoming months, Wuhan is also going to focus on educating its people on how to prevent and control the virus.

Tens of thousands of families

Yet, in another piece of news just two days after the press conference, Xinhua Net reported that a potluck festival for “tens of thousands of families” was held in Wuhan. This was the 20th anniversary for this event at the Baibu Pavilion neighbourhood in Wuhan. People in the neighbourhood gathered together in the plaza for traditional cultural activities and a dinner feast to celebrate the 7th day before the eve of the Chinese New Year. For the Feast in 2020, 40 thousand families from the neighbourhood were brought together to happily feast on 13,986 dishes invented and made by all families.

Xu Hong, whose daughter resides in Switzerland and does not come back often, was an elderly participant in the feast. For 2020, she invented a new dish with her daughter, called “our motherland lives in my heart”. Red dragon fruit was used as the red flag of China, egg yolks as stars on the flag, cucumber as the sea, and mushroom as doves. The article also reported other elderly individuals, including a 79-year-old, who had attended the feast for the past 20 years and hence would not miss it for anything in 2020.

“We want to make sure that every family has a wonderful Chinese New Year, that every elderly person at home alone does not spend the holiday time alone. We want to welcome the New Year with tens of thousands of families, volunteers, racial minorities in this neighbourhood”, said the representative of Baibu Pavilion neighbourhood’s management committee. All homemade dishes for the feast were reportedly gifted to families with low socio-economic status, handicapped citizens, elderly families, and care homes.


In retrospect, the number of blatant lies that the CCP told the world regarding the COVID-19 virus can now only be described as ‘appalling’ and ‘ghastly.’ The two pieces of news here, in conjunction with each other, revealed how one year ago the CCP refused to admit the severity of this virus and failed to contain it. One full year later, the rest of the world is still suffering from the global pandemic while the virus also found a way to creep back into China. We have truly gone full circle.

The actual Wuhan lockdown took place on January 23rd, 2020. In a press conference held at the Wuhan Centre for Disease Prevention and Control just four days prior to the lockdown, experts and mayor of the city were claiming that the virus was “highly preventable and controllable”. Their statements were already self-contradictory, as they announced the COVID-19 virus not to be highly transmissible between people, while also highlighting the urgency of tightening surveillance and controlling mass gatherings. The CCP’s fraudulent nature was on full display here: they were aware of the virus’ severity and lethality based on the lockdown just four days after. The CCP refused to disclose the information and allowed international fights out from Wuhan six days after the lockdown. This was directly leading to the subsequent sweeping transmission of the virus in Asia and then around the globe.

While they were preoccupied lying and attempting to cover up this mess, the CCP neglected to address the catastrophic impact on Wuhan’s citizens. Just two days after the press conference, on January 21st, 2020, a dinner gathering with forty thousand families took place in Wuhan. Hundreds of seniors, many over 70 years old with extremely high risk for viral infection, participated in the feast and even exchanged food with their neighbours, completely unaware of the dangerous consequences of these actions. The CCP’s compulsion to deceive and distract from the truth of this situation has costed countless innocent lives among these Wuhan residents. How many people contracted the COVID-19 virus during that dinner feast? Are they still alive today? I suppose we will never know now. We leave it to you to consider which cause for this massive dinner feast would be worse: government oversight or an intentional decision? Western countries that are unaware of CCP’s past vicious crimes might shake this off as conspiracy theory. But combined with the fact that China did not close its borders while fully aware of the consequences of staying open, this feast attended by tens of thousands does not appear to be a singular event. It is part of the CCP’s evil agenda to spread the virus wider and further, at the expense of its own people’s lives.

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