[China] Man Arrested for Talking About The Police On WeChat


Author: VOG-M

Dec 10 is the first day of the Chinese New Year’s rush hour. As we know, posting daily moments in WeChat is almost every day life in China. Shockingly, a man’s moment post in WeChat sent himself in prison. What happened?

In Haozhou, Anhui province, a man got a parking ticket which made him very upset. Yes, everyone thinks it is a common incident, however, what happened next shocked everyone. The man posts a moment and showed his unhappy emotions on the post, which only his friends can see. Shockingly, the man had been arrested the second day he was accused of accusing police officers and been put into prison.

Strangely enough how the police read the man ‘s personal moments information, and which law and regulators the police were following to send a man to prison. This kind of story is happening everywhere every single moment in China now, people have no privacy and freedom to speech.

Moreover, the Suzhou Police made this case a blatant threat to the public: ‘Never ever talk about police online no matter what they do!’

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7 months ago

This is why I stopped posting anything on WeChat a year ago lol.