Newsletter for the 46th Inauguration of the President of the United States

Reporter: Castle / Editor: Jolin,Bluesky

  1. Trump left a letter for Biden, but we don’t know what’s written inside the letter; maybe it congratulates him.
  2. President Trump said he would be back in some form before boarding Air Force.
  3. News in Spain about the Madrid explosion, video footage has emerged of a large explosion near downtown this afternoon.
  4. Stock market has been rising by 15% high.
  5. Joe Biden will arrive around 11:30 EST (16:30 GMT), he and Kamala Harris will be sworn in around midday. Mr. Biden will move into the White House later in the day.  
  6. Supreme court evacuated due to bomb threat during Biden’s inauguration. Now it seems like it’s cleared.
  7. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrive at US Capital. A video showed that Trump had left the white house, but he still has nuclear football.
  8. 11:50EST – It was snowing at Capitol Hill, Washington DC, but the weather is clear now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will give a speech soon. Forty minutes ago, Trump took Air Force One to Florida, but nobody knows his plan.
  9. Two people confirm died from the Madrid explosion. At 12:01 pm, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Kamala Harris was sworn in as the 46th vice president. Simultaneously, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imposes sanctions on 28 American nationals, including Trump Administration officials Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Peter Navarro, and Steve Bannon. Why can’t the CCP wait to do these sanctions? Nobody knows what their other plans are.

Edited by:【G-News Special Squad】

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