Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.19 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

The U.S. Department of State officially declared that the CCP committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”

Secretary Pompeo issued a statement on Jan. 19 in title of “Determination on Atrocities in Xinjiang”, comparing the CCP’s actions in Xinjiang to the genocide of the Nazis and ISIS, saying it has perpetuated a Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brutal force. Since March 2017, the CCP has sharply escalated its crackdown on Uighur Muslims and members of other minority and religious groups, including discriminating against and spying on them, restricting their freedom of travel, religious belief, immigration, and school attendance, and denying basic human rights like assembly, reproduction, and speech. The CCP has committed crimes against humanity and systematically tried to eliminate the Uighurs. Pompeo called on other countries and relevant Judicial Bodies to join the United States in effort to promote accountability for the CCP and imposing sanctions on top CCP leaders and related companies. The statement concludes by noting that the actions of the CCP and General Secretary Xi are an extreme insult to the civilized world.

Persons and organizations that oppose humanity are doomed to a tragic end

Since 2002, eight heads of country were convicted of crimes against humanity, all of which ended tragically, such as Milosevic of the FRY, Saddam of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya. Thus, it is obvious why the Chief Accelerator Xi is dare not to come out despite the challenge from Lude. Along with Pompeo’s statement is released, Xi Jinping and the CCP had been nailed forever to histpry’s pillar of shame against humanity and unable to gain a foothold in the international community. The entire West could define the CCP as a hostile state based on this statement. NATO could also attack the CCP on this basis.

The Whistleblower Movement is the decisive force behind the definition of the CCP as genocide and crimes against humanity

Lude revealed that Mr. Miles Guo provided important evidence to the U.S. government, and that the U.S. has long before had video and other hard evidence detailing the CCP’s crimes in Xinjiang. The policy was not introduced before only because President Trump was not pushed to the last step. If President Trump is successfully re-elected, the conviction of the CCP will not come so soon. The CCP is playing with fire, digging a hole for itself, and imagining that it will escape punishment after Biden coming to power. The statement fired the first shot to destroy the CCP. No matter who comes to power, the conclusion of genocide and crimes against humanity by the CCP will not be overturned because the intelligence evidence cannot be erased.

How the CCP ended

Secretary Pompeo’s move can’t be undone even if Biden takes office. It is difficult to take off the Incantation of the Golden Hoop, and no one can cleanse the CCP. The previous collusion of Biden family with the CCP had been exposed, the continued collusion will only lead to the charge of ” conniving with the CCP”. Contacting with the CCP is to contact with an illegal government, an anti-human organization who will be a conspiracy, an accomplice. The CCP will face a situation where all of its former allies backstab it to show that they break up with the CCP. There may be gamesmanship, but it is only a matter of time before the CCP is held accountable and punished. Closing consulates, expelling diplomats, freezing overseas assets and kicking out of the dollar system are all considered light, and the military strikes are very likely. Following Lude’s historic prediction of the viral outbreak on Jan. 19 last year, Jan. 19 this year is another memorable day. The world has changed, and the public opinion is standing on the side of anti-CCP campaign. As the CCP is bound to be destroyed, if members of the CCP want to avoid harming themselves, they should immediately break away from the CCP and overthrow it.

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