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119-The Great change

Dr. Yan Broke the News

Dr. Yan announced: Zhong Nanshan, Yuan Guoyong, GuanYi and others did not just arrive in Wuhan on 18th January. They had already arrived in Wuhan early to investigate, it means they had already known everything, they had already known what kind of disaster the virus would bring, even when Yuan Guoyong returned back to Hong Kong, he did not even back to his home but chose to isolate himself in the laboratory.

Even worse they did not choose to disclose the truth to public, but choose to support to hide the epidemic, and even no necessary assistance to perform to WuHan people. Even more allowed people flow in and out of Wuhan. Taking human life for nothing, these academic masters of CCP are not simply accomplices, they are executioners!!

How to Judge Strong Variation

The concept of virus with strong mutation may seem inconceivable to the normal person. But for the virology specialist, from virus characteristics itself and the virus transmission environment and other virology knowledge, and personal understanding of the relevant different viruses in the field, comprehensive view can make a very scientific judgement and inference, that is, CCP virus have a strong ability mutate, in this case, if someone does not admit that the CCP virus has strong variability, then the person is either does not  understand of virology or is deliberately reversing confusing the truth to the public.

Why is the Virus Origin so Important?

Now CCP in alliance with WHO and some dehumanizing scientists, announcing to the world that the origin of the virus is not the critical point. rather focus on developing a vaccine for it. they vainly attempt to dilute the importance of tracing the origin of the virus and let public feel that talking about tracing the origin of the virus is politicizing the virus.

If we do not solve the origin of the virus, we will not be able to know CCP virus was formed on the basic of Zhoushan bat virus with 10% of changes, Dr. Yan analysed the part of its functional changes, and there are other factors cannot be simply identified from virus genetic sequence, which must be determined by data feedback from different labs and with additional understanding to virus and CCP solution. For instance, Dr. Yan once mentioned ADE has a small site on the S protein. It is now almost detected that was deliberately modified by CCP then. And intention to set up a site to antibody enhancement effect. Only by thoroughly understanding the structure of the virus can we know in advance what challenges will be faced in the development of a vaccine. Otherwise, vaccine development will be like blind men try to understand an elephant

        Not just vaccine development, but if you don’t trace the virus source and figure out the structure of the virus, you can’t work out how it causes disease, and you can’t do effective prevention and treatment. For example, once CCP virus enters the body, it attacks almost all organs, from the nervous system to the reproductive system. Such a fierce virus if in the early stage of infection does not use Hydroxychloroquine and other drugs to prevent and control, but only perform human body immunity to carry out natural resistance. Lead to the virus to wreak havoc in the human body early on, and greatly enhancing the transmission of the virus from person to person.

       For summary, only by restraint the origin of the virus, can we fundamentally solve the scourge of the CCP virus to the world.

How to Understand the Report of Corona Virus source by State Departments U.S

Dr. Yan is appealing for everyone to stand out and investigate the truth of the Corona Virus. Now the various powers that stand on behalf of the CCP and act as pawns, and naively believe that the Corona Virus stay away from them, just because they have closely cooperation or affiliation with the owner of Corona Virus. But they have not aware of what does it mean of “stopped flying birds, bow stored, running hare dead, the hound is boiled, hostile conquered, meritorious death”. Only an effective vaccine is the root cause to resolve all these disasters, and only by investigating the source of the Corona Virus can we really build an effective vaccine. 

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