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【Foreword: This article is based on the memories of an elder. The elder is 80 years old this year, the reason he stood up to tell his family’s personal experience isn’t to complain, but to witness the evil actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Every one of us can put effort to destroy the CCP and support the Whistleblowers’ Movement. We are looking forward to the New Federal States of China upholding the righteousness to glorify the land of China! 】

My uncle was born between the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. When he was young, he enrolled in the Baoding Army Military Academy and stayed on to teach after graduation. After the Lugouqiao Incident, my uncle served in Song Zheyuan Department of the 29th Army. And he went to Nanjing to be honoured because of his outstanding military exploits in North China during the Anti-Japanese War.

After the Anti-Japanese War’s victory, people were very excited and happy, and firecrackers sound continued to be heard in the streets. When my uncle and his entourages returned to the hometown to worship the ancestors, all the top figures such as local officials, merchants, and squires came to greet them outside the town. A ceremony was held in front of the old house to show everyone the Umbrella and Flag of Thousands of People (an umbrella and flag presented to celebrate local officials’ virtues). The cavalry of my uncle rode steed and paid military salutes to my grandparents. How majestic it was!

After my uncle be honoured in Nanjing, he thought about taking off his armour and returning to the field. In a symposium for officers, he drunk and spoke out of his heart: Young soldiers of the Anti-Japanese War were conscripted into the army, and most of them did not want to fight again. After Japan surrendered, the KMT army was generally war-weary and homesick. The soldiers missed their hometown, their mothers, wives and children, and some were clamouring to go home to get married. There are also rumors that “the CCP is fighting to divide the land, the KMT has nothing.”

My uncle finally retired in a small county not far from Nanjing, south of the Yangtze River. There was a good reputation among the people. The Umbrella and Flag of Thousands of People were gifts from the place where the army was stationed. My uncle probably had to choose to leave the military and retire from official life. The KMT and the CCP have cooperated twice, and there will inevitably be in an inseparable situation. I heard that someone asked him to take his troops to an uprising and join the CCP. My uncle said, “Although you and I are friends, taking the army away will make you feel sorry for my elder officer General Fu Zuoyi. Keep the army, and let me take off my armour and leave! So as not to let my soldier die!”
After the CCP established its regime, the CCP once invited my uncle to be a member of the CPPCC (National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference). After the start of the Cultural Revolution in 1966, the CCP slandered him as a puppet military officer, historical counter-revolutionary, and KMT hidden spy, and arrested him and sent him to prison. It was not until 1974 that in order to “unit front work” of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the CCP issued an internal document and released the KMT senior members who were served in the party and military, that my uncle got out of prison. At that time, my uncle was over sixty years old with poor health and relying on a rickshaw to support his family. Soon after, my uncle passed away in poverty and sickness.

The CCP lied that they were the mainstay of victory in the Anti-Japanese War, but many people know that this is not the case. As for why Jiang defeated and went to Taiwan, according to the CCP, Jiang’s civil war with the support of the US did not win public opinion. His officials were corrupt and searched for gold, so the people rose up and overthrew the KMT. Curiosity is the key to truthfulness. Due to the continuous political movement for many years, many high-ranking officials of the KMT and the CCP experienced the downfall. These people have become objective, and the humanity is restored after experiencing the deadly political movements. When I asked them about sensitive issues, most of the conclusive answers were: “Don’t take the CCP’s propaganda seriously!”

In 2016, the mainland held two high-profile celebrations. One is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. The other is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Red Army’s Long March. Eighty years have passed, and it is ridiculous to celebrate these two events. Most people now know that the KMT fought bloody and sacrificed heavily and finally defeated the Japanese army on the anti-fascist battlefield in China. The leader of this defensive fight was the Supreme Commander of the KMT government, but the CCP claimed to be the mainstay of the Anti-Japanese War. This was literary language and political propaganda. Mao Zedong clearly instructed his army to establish a base area behind the enemy, strengthen itself, reduce losses, and gain benefits without efforts. Besides, in the parade of the celebration of the Anti-Japanese War, were there any soldiers from the KMT who participated in the war? Did they invite the Anti-Japanese War personnel or their descendants scattered around the world? It is simply impossible to do so with the tolerance of the CCP. At the beginning of the establishment of the CCP, the KMT members stranded on the mainland were treated inhumanly, and very few survived. My uncle used to contribute to the fight against Japan and save the country, led the army to fight against the Japanese pirates, and was awarded honors. However, the CCP did not even let go of my uncle, who did not participate in the civil war. Not only did he receive no awards, but he also suffered prison and ended his life with tragedy. This is the sadness of the Chinese nation.

The land of China today is still shrouded in the evil rule of the CCP. The CCP does not allow to talk about democracy and constitution and does not face history. There are also seven things that are not allowed to talk about and suppress the people’s freedom of speech. The CCP’s totalitarian rule in China has developed into complete violence against humanity: ignoring human rights, destroying humanity, trampling on democracy, breaking the rule of law, tearing up contracts, slaughtering Hong Kong, killing Tibetans, exporting corruption, harming the world, and even frantically launching Biochemical warfare against the world, which threatens human life worldwide. The CCP sins so severely that God will surely destroy it!

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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