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Trump’s Executive Order Listed Communist China as Adversary Country

President Trump signed several executive orders, including “Protecting the United States from Certain Unmanned Aircraft Systems”, in the description section of which it listed communist China as an adversary country, along with Iran, North Korea, and Russia. It’s the first time that Communist China is listed as such, which means the US-China strategic partnership relationship of the Obama era is gone.

Presidential Executive Orders Cannot Be Easily Overturned

Before leaving from presidency, Obama listed Russia as an adversary country and expelled Russian ambassadors. U.S. have not restored relations with Russia to this very day, so we can see it is very difficult to overturn a president’s executive order. Even if Biden takes office, it will be extremely difficult to restore US-China relations. All executive orders have legal basis, and are backed by a great deal of facts and evidence. The U.S. system is different from the Chinese system, and it need means of law to overturn a president’s executive order. A president’s influence lies in how long his policies can affect the United States. Kissinger is a great politician because the Kissinger Doctrine has influenced the United States for 50 years.

U.S. Urged CCP to Hand Over Information on Origin of Virus

At a meeting of the WHO Executive Committee, U.S. HHS office of global affairs director Grigsby said the CCP should share scientific research data based on all animal, human and environmental samples collected in Wuhan, as well as the virus’ genetic sequencing.

The CCP claims it had always been releasing information on the pandemic in an open and transparent manner. When it comes to source tracing of the virus, they would say that it should be up to the scientists to decide on the specific works, and any political pressure beyond science should be stopped. So you see that any reasonable request is called political pressure by the CCP, which shows part of its evilness.

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