Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.18 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. Xi Jinping Suspected Show Up, But the CCTV News did not Report

   According to Xinhuanet, Xi Jinping inspected the preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing on the 18th January.  Judging from the whole news, Xi’s pictures and videos appeared.  It is abnormal that no any news or video of this visiting reported in the CCTV News, nor could it prove that Xi’s pictures were realistic. Moreover, Xi Jinping has not shown up for so many days, and suddenly his photos appeared on Xinhuanet. It is doubtful what is going on with Xi now.

2.Xi Jinping Needs to Show up to Prove His Existence, The Videos and Pictures Are Suspected to Be Fraud

    Since the Lude Media disclosed the news about Xi Jinping’s head surgery, there are no pictures or video of Xi has appeared for nearly 20 days. since the previous pictures have been found flaws by fellow-fighters. It is obvious that the CCP media has made sufficient preparations for the appearance of news pictures this time, Unfortunately, the video for 1:06 seconds difficult to match the locations and routes with the fact in the video.  Furthermore, according to fellow-fighters’sreports, there are no road closures in these locations today, and it can be seen that their fraud must not be hidden.

3. The CCP’s Media Once Again Criticized Secretary Mike Pompeo

     Since started from 16th January 2021, Secretary Pompeo has tweeted more than 30    consecutive tweets, which is rare, and most of them emphasized the CCP’s threat to the United States and the whole world and separated the Chinese people from the CCP.  Chinese people are very laborious. The evil is the CCP’s system.  On the countermeasure, the CCP’s media has responded for two consecutive days that: “Secretary Pompeo is the chief American diplomat who is proud of lying, deceiving, and stealing.” as response to Secretary Pompeo’s Twitter.

4. The Impact of The Power of The Whistle-blowers’ Movement on The U.S. Government

      On the 17th january, Mr. Miles mentioned in the GTV live that the action Secretary Pompeo had sent dozens of tweets on Twitter due to the suggestion of the Whistle-Blowers’ Movement.  It  shows that the current U.S. government has fully agreed with the information provided by the Whistle-Blowers’ Movement during its tenure of last few days, and has moved forward in accordance with the established plan.  Obviously, the attitude and policy of the United States directly affect the progress and method of taking down the CCP. The Trump administration’s series of actions against the CCP after January 6 shows that the U.S. government has fully believed in and trusted the power of the Whistle-Blowers’ Movement.  And the goals of both parties are the same, that is, there is a future only when the CCP is taken down.

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