No Peace for “The Taiping Kingdom”, No Republic for the “Imperial CCP”

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In the middle of the 19th century, Hong Xiuquan, Feng Yunshan and their followers gathered in south-eastern China and established the “Taiping Kingdom of Heaven”. Later on, their power expended to 18 provinces of China. Wherever they went, people were struggled to live and suffered from poverty. It was not until the remaining army of Shi Dakai being eliminated in Guizhou that declared the ending of the movement, which lasted for more than 20 years.

The doctrines of the Taiping Kingdom of Heaven were the Holy Book of the Old Relic and The Holy Book of the New Relic, originated from the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. However, they tampered the Bible just to pursue a religious support for achieving the theocracy. They valued formalism other than the spirit of the God, which contradict to the Bible.

The Taiping Kingdom of Heaven was full of chaos: the leaders claimed themselves as heavenly fathers who come down to the world; the clothing they wore, the palaces they lived in, were full of dragon patterns that symbolize the imperial power. When ordinal people were forbidden of any forms of entertainment, the officials enjoyed the Chinese opera performance in military.

The Taiping Kingdom of Heaven had zero help in leading China to a civilized society. As Mr. Sun Zhongshan commented: the fall of Hong’s family is due to the neglection of civil rights and democracy. Unfortunately, another evil force took over entire China disguised as “the People’s Republic of China”. PRC is neither with a people’s political power nor with a republic political power. In fact, it is a totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Chinese people furiously call it “the Imperial of the CCP”. Let us see what the CCP has done in the past 70 years.

The CCP rule the country through kleptocracy. They robbed enterprises and lands from the rich and claimed these assets as their own. While the ordinary people suffer from forced birth control and forced abortion, the kleptocrats can have as many illegitimate children as they want, spreading all over the world and enjoying luxurious lives with the money stolen from the Chinese people. While the ordinary people have to put up with polluted air, water, food, and expensive medical treatments, the kleptocrats enjoy the high-end food supplies and medical cares specifically designed for them. While the temples are torn down, churches are closed, people are deprived of the religious freedom, the kleptocrats warship the cult and prosecute innocent kids and women. While ordinary people’s kids work so hard hoping to get into a decent university, children of the kleptocrats can get in any famous university they want with just a recommendation letter.

From the “Taiping Kingdom of Heaven” to the “Imperial of the CCP”, totalitarian regime is the core. We have sound reason to believe that CCP will end up just like the Taiping Kingdom of Heaven. Everything has already begun!


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