Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.17 – NewYork Time

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Infighting begins within the Vatican

The Pope is to shake up important positions, with the Archpriest of St Peter’s Basilica to be the first one. St Peter’s Basilica, the most important church in Catholicism, is of significant importance and enjoys a prominent status, so the pope is aiming to take control of it by replacing the archpriest.

Facebook censored video commentary by Mexican cardinal

Facebook swiftly censored a video from Mexican cardinal, in which he reveals the influence of CCP virus and the plot of New World Order, and that the evil force is building a world with one government, one army, one currency, one economy and one religion only, which will certainly not be the Christian religion. He also calls people to stand up and prevent the evil force from subverting the existing human civilization.

What does it mean that the religious community breaks through media censorship?

Not only did the righteous people of religion expose bravely the New World Order and the truth about CCP virus, but also the media reported it, which is profound. Because of current social media censorship, it must be quite hard for this information to be exposed. Considering the mysterious death of 9 bishops within a week, this war between righteousness and evil has surfaced, and all sides involved are fighting undisguisedly.  Evil force has infiltrated not only government and finance, but also technology and law, and even the media and religion, so only by a multi-level war can the evil force be eradicated. Any corner left where we don’t win leaves room for the evil to revive.

The Whistleblower Movement is not alone.

The US election was stolen, and many religious figures mysteriously passed away. The darkest moment may it appear, our whistleblower movement is not fighting alone in this war between righteousness and evil. We are fighting against the evil together with the righteous force of the Christian religion and of the world.

The influence of cardinals.

Most Latinos profess Catholicism, so cardinals there are way more influential and appealing than any other force. The awakening Christian world that we see now is a real case showing the Whistleblower Movement has spread the truth successfully. The Latin cardinal’s standing up means Latin Christian force and followers stand on the side of the righteous power. Standing together, they will certainly spread the truth worldwide and take a deadly strike on the evil force. So don’t panic for the temporary suppression. Justice will surely prevail.

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