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U.S. State Department released report on virus origin

On January 15th, the U.S. State Department issued a report titled “Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology”, in which the origin of the virus points to the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, clearly stating that the CCP prevents the transparent investigation of the COVID-19 virus origin and invests
a lot of resources in deception and false propaganda. The report mentioned that after the SARS outbreak, only the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) was studying the coronavirus. However, the WIV has not been transparent or consistent in the research records of the viruses most similar to the
COVID-19 virus (including RaTG13), which is what Dr. Yan disclosed. This shows that the RaTG13 they provided is also fake, and they must be quietly researching something, as they are not transparent. The report also indicated that the WHO did not perform its duties and did not understand WIV’s work records in bats and other coronaviruses before the virus outbreak. The United States has determined that WIV, a civilian agency, has cooperated with the Chinese military on secret research projects,which are all contrary to the”Biological Weapons Convention.” Yesterday, Bill Gertz just published are lated report, and then the US State Department issued this report. It indicates that the next move of the United States will be a series of actions.

PresidentTrump is considering an initial pardon for Mr. Bannon

President Trump is considering granting an initial amnesty to Mr. Bannon, Mayor Giuliani and Trump’s family. Trump’s move shows that his relationship with Bannon and Giuliani is as close as family. The rumors spread by the CCP’s spies and foreign propaganda outlets that there is trouble between President Trump and Mr. Bannon are self-defeating.

U.S. Congress confirmed that the CCP had committed genocide

The CECC of the US Congress China Committee issued a report confirming that the CCP had committed’ genocide” in Xinjiang. The LUDE Media mentioned this twice. First, Pompeo is weighing whether to define the CCP’ s actions in Xinjiang as genocide”; Second, Japan’ S Abe government provided important information about the CCP’ s persecution of Uyghurs. Regarding the definition of the CCP, even if Trump ceases to be president, NATO and the whole world must hold the CCP accountable, and the CCP must die.

” The era of global extinction of communism” has arrived!

The report on the source of the virus was originally planned to be released in September, but at that time President Trump had yet to see through the CCP’s evil, and now the CCP’s infiltration of the United States and its intervention in the U.S. election have enabled President Trump to see the true nature of the CCP and have made the United States determined to destroy the CCP. The extinction of the communists is imperative. As Miles Guo said, “We have now entered the era of global united and compulsory elimination of communism.” Next, NATO will take the lead to hold the CCP accountable.If someone continues concluding with the CCP at that time, then he is treason. The CCP has always wanted the U.S. to impose martial law and plunge the U.S. into chaos. It’ S because the two parties in
the United States are under the control of the CCP that today’s American judicial and administrative chaos occurs. As long as the CCP is eliminated, the United States will be back on track.

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