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Li Shufu was kicked out of legal representative of GEELY GROUP

On January 15, the legal person of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group changed and Li Donghui , the CEO of the group, took over the position. On the same day, Group CEO Xu Zhihao become the legal representative of Geely Technology Group. Just within a day, Li Shufu stepped down from his position as the legal person of two Geely companies. The achievements of Geely Automobile as well as rise of Li Shufu has direct relation with Xi Jinping’s endorsement, and Li Shufu has a very close relationship with the top leaders of the central government. The Geely Group is said to be a private enterprise set up by Li Shufu, but In fact, it is an enterprise controlled by the CCP military. The United States has continuously imposed sanctions against the CCP’s military-civilian companies. The two most important groups of Geely quietly replaced legal persons, which hides important information.

The relationship between Li Shufu and Xi Jinping

The Geely Holding Group has already achieved revenue of 26.3 billion US dollars in 2015 and ranked 267th in Fortune Global 500 list of 2018. In view of Li Shufu’s personal experience and personality, it’s nearly impossible for him to voluntarily retreat. His rise is highly coincident with Xi Jinping’s curriculum vitae. It is definitely not simple for Li Shufu to step down from his position now and then. Considering Teletubby Xi has yet to show up so far, what is going on behind the scene? If Xi Jinping had a problem, it’s the logical outcome that Li Shufu was removed. Is it possible that Xi Jinping’s political power has collapsed? At the same time, we can see that Li Donghui, who took over the group, rises so quickly as a flying rocket, while the other new legal person, Xu Zhihao was even more unbelievable, because he was formerly the vice president of HNA. Obviously, the power struggle within the CCP has become fierce

People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) strongly criticized Pompeo

Today, the Overseas Edition of the People’s Daily published an article titled: Acting “final madness” at the end of the term, dig the unmentionable past of Pompeo’s “lie diplomacy”. The whole article is full of shrewish frustration and unprincipled personal attacks on the Secretary Pompeo. Now we can see that Pompero’s series of moves, especially fact sheet report as well as the statement on the virus origin, indeed punch the CCP on its weakness. The CCP realizes that the United States really has the intelligence, and knows that and the upcoming actions based on the intelligence are unstoppable and enough to destroy the CCP. As the Secretary of State, Mr. Pompeo has been promoting the establishment of global allies and building a world tide of anti-communism, decommunization, and destruction of communism. The trend he’s leading has pulled away the world from the CCP. If the CCP wants to blend with the United States again and wants a better result, its interior will inevitably undergo a bloody storm to produce changes to relieve the current pressure. Today the CCP’s reaction can also proves the accuracy of American intelligence.  After Pompeo made statements about the virus, the CCP responded that it was to shift the focus of the Trump presidential election and their own responsibilities in the pandemic. Now the CCP has to fight back because the US is really going to recruit.

The CCP behind the WHO

This article mentioned the effect of the WHO and assailed Pompeo’s repeated accusations against the WHO. The CCP asked the WHO to investigate again at this very moment, indicating that they know they cannot escape the responsibility of the virus and had to find an excuse that can be recognized by the governments. Because all countries are facing tremendous pressure from the CCP virus, there must be a place for this pressure to leak out, and the CCP can use it to minimize its own responsibility as well. Regarding the truth revealed by the Whistleblower Movement and the statements by the United States over the past two days, the CCP needs a travesty of investigation with the WHO to response. However, Chen Wei’s military rule over Wuhan Institute of Virology last year and the destruction of the evidence of Seafood Market, in addition with that the US confirms and recognizes Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s positions and intelligence, leave little room for this travesty to go on.

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