CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP346

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  • Lou Dobbs tweeted that President Trump has ordered the declassification of Obamagate documents, including the info on spying on President Trump and his campaign.
  • Robert Unanue says: Communism looks good on paper, except that there’s always a few who want to control everything.
  • There are only a handful presidents who did a job as incredible as President Trump’s in a four-year period. President Trump’s record is extraordinary.
  • Dr. Yan tweeted: WHO’s tasks in China include probing the origin of COVID19 origin, long-term business negotiations with CCP, carnivals hold by CCP, and using reports prepared by CCP. WHO should be awarded by Xi Jingpin. But unluckily, no one knows where Xi is since 2021.
  • Starting January 10, Hebei Province has seen multiple COVID cases among health-care workers on a daily basis. Netizens points out that these medical staff are vaccinated, and it clearly didn’t work.   
  • Shortly after Chinese COVID vaccine hit the market, both chairman and executive director of its manufacturer, China National Pharmaceutical Group, abruptly resigned.

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CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP346

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