[Opinion]Thank you!You Have Changed the Course of Human History!

–The Unforgettable Jan 19

Author: Nancy

January 19, 2020, a year ago on the exact day, will be forever remembered in human history!

On this day, the Whistleblower Movement, LuDe Media blew the whistle and alarmed the world that the Wuhan Virus was actually human-to-human transmission and was about to explode worldwide!

On that day, there were only 62 Wuhan virus cases in China. We could imagine that Lude and his PhD team, under the immense pressure, had to make a shocking statement, at such an early timing.  However, they were bold to sound the alarm with only one purpose: to save lives and save the world!  

Some may wonder: what prompted LuDe, who knows nothing about virology, to expose the truth of Wuhan virus and warn the world? It was Dr. Limeng Yan, the beautiful angel from Hongkong P3 Lab, a senior virus scientist who has been investigating the source of the Wuhan virus since October 2019.

Based on her professional knowledge, life-saving duty and conscience of a doctor, she was determined to reveal the truth about the Wuhan virus to the world as soon as possible, regardless of her own safety, to warn governments of all countries and urge more people to take precautions against the upcoming outbreak.

On December 30, 2020, Dr. Yan knew exactly what happened in Wuhan.

She contacted LuDe Media and explained to him about the Wuhan virus in three days. Finally, LuDe made up his mind and exposed the truth about the Wuhan virus to the world on the evening of January 19, 2020, “This virus can transmit from human to human, and there will be an alarming outbreak!” I was totally shocked when I was watching LuDe’s program live. LuDe may have also shocked every corner of the world since there were only 62 cases in Wuhan! People simply thought that it was just a common cold or flu which might not be something serious. Yet, only four hours after LuDe’s program, the CCP had to admit that the Wuhan virus can be transmitted from human to human.

Let’s recap what we knew before LuDe’s program. On December 19, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang in Wuhan warned his friends via WeChat about the new SARS-like virus.

But two days later, Li and seven other doctors were reprimanded by the local police for spreading “false” information.

On January 3, 2020, China’s Central Telivision (CCTV) reported Dr. Li’s case and accused him for spreading rumor and there were 27 virus cases then. On January 7, 2020, the General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping emphasized the prevention and control of Covid-19 on a Politburo meeting, but he didn’t mention the single most important fact: Covid-19 could lead to human to human transmission. The Chinese New Year was around the corner and hundreds of millions of people were preparing for the reunion. As a result, Chinese people were not informed of the imminent danger but went about their Chinese New Year routines. China has banned flights from Wuhan to various domestic cities, but international flights continue to operate as usual.

Time flies! A year has passed. To date, there are nearly 100 million Covid-19 cases and about 2 million deaths in the world. This virus has swept the world, causing unprecedented geographic isolation; countries closed their borders and halted international travels. It has been a huge blow to the world economy.

The New Federal State of China, Dr. Yan, and LuDe’s Team stand at the forefront to terminate Communism. Over the past year, they have constantly explained to the world the root of the virus. This virus should not be named Wuhan virus or Covid-19, but CCP virus!

Yes, the people of the world have every right to know the truth about the Covid-19, but the CCP has been lying all along about its origin. Once, they claimed that the virus originated from a cave in Yunnan, then the nature, later even going as far as saying that the virus came from the US military.

Last April, Dr. Limeng Yan risked her life to come to the United States.

On several major media outlets, she called on the American public to recognize the grave danger bought by the CCP virus. Dr. Yan published two research articles which cited extensive previous studies to expose the CCP’s lies about the virus. She pointed out that this insidious virus was manufactured by modifying the Zhoushan bat virus from the CCP military lab, making it easier to transmit from human to human. This virus is a bioweapon unleased by the CCP, part of its unrestricted warfare.

She warned the audience, “we don’t have much time”. Only the truth of Covid-19 is the key to end this pandemic. In the last 6 months, no one in the international mainstream medical media has been able to refute Dr. Yan’s two papers from an academic perspective. This proves that Dr. Yan’s reports are truly recognized by the United States, including the world’s senior experts.

Dr. Yan’s papers and the LuDe’s non-stop coverage about the virus over the past year have alerted the world about CCP’s evil plan, so that all of us in the world could have some preparation.

The world has come to realize that: this Coronavirus is a bioweapon released by the CCP to harm not only the Chinese citizens but also the rest of the world; the ultimate solution to the pandemic is to take down the CCP, the creator of the Covid-19!

We cannot imagine how many more people would die from this virus had Dr. Yan and LuDe not spoken up a year ago and warned the world about this plague. Together, they have saved countless lives.

We thank Dr. Limeng Yan for being an brave angle! 

We thank the whistleblower movement, LuDe, and his Phd Team for their early warnings!

You have saved countless lives!

You have changed the course of human history!


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