01/15/2021 Current Affairs Express by Himalaya UK

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1. Mr. Miles Guo GTV Getter on January 15, 2021: This year is Chinese Xinchou year when CCP is going to be taken down. All the people in this world are going to ask CCP to take responsibility for loved ones or properties they lost. The citizens of the New Federal State of China are going to be the major beneficiaries of the time period of January 6th to January 20th. Comrades-in-arms who are wise enough should capture the opportunities in this CCP crisis and use them well. The New Federal State of China will create a bright future that you could never imagine!

  1. The crackdown on and the sanctions against the CCP is a foregone result and we have reached the point of no return.
  2. The people who are threatened to request refund from GTV investment, etc. please keep your receipt safely for future evidence.
  3. Chinese Xinchou year is the year when CCP will be held accountable for the money and the life that people lost. CCP is both an underground mafia and a cult organization.

2. Trump has authorized to declassify documents of Russian and Obama Gates within the next few days.

✒️Comment: Trump began to expose deep state government.

3. People’s Daily: The China Post Bureau is going to rectify the behaviors such as fake sales orders.

✒️Comment: The societies do their best to imitate the CCP Central Committee and hence scams happen everywhere. This is also an evidence that Taobao has many fake orders.

4. CCTV Finance: Breaking news! The central bank sets the tone!

✒️Comment: “In 2021…, it is predicted that the annual CPI growth rate will rise first and then stabilize.” Does that mean we will have inflation first and then the CPI will struggle to stabilize within a certain inflation range?

5. Xinhuanet: With a target of 100 million mu, Yuan Longping’s team accelerates the industrialization of sea rice.

✒️Comment: Can you believe it?

6. China News.com: Two men were arrested by Hong Kong police as they were suspected to assist in the escape of the arsonist who set Ma’an mountain on fire.

✒️Comment: The facts can prove that Hong Kong has lost her independent judicial system and has become a city same as others in mainland China.

7. Caixin.com: Criminal enforcement measures were taken upon 171 people related to Beijing epidemic cases.

✒️Comment: Are criminal enforment measures going to be the routine with or without epidemic?

8. Caixin.com: The chart for inflation of housing prices in 2020 is released: #housing value is going up in 43 cities#, among which Shenzhen tops the chart. Has your house value gone up or down?

✒️Comment: The longer the CCP thugs survive, the bigger number of people will be enslaved by housing. Their lives will be tougher and tougher.

9. Sina News: Attention! These items have been tested positive for the new coronavirus! Don’t forget the following reminders!

✒️Comment: Outrageously out of logic. Even if the environmental sample is toxic, does it mean that the infection comes from the environment? This is a real-life version of the folktale “Emperor’s New Clothes”. By CCP’s logic: there is protein in the excrement, hence the CCP should ingest shit as protein…

10. Sanlian Life Weekly: A 69-year-old street cleaner died suddenly in the cold winder: an elderly from the village who can’t go home.

✒️Comment: This is a senior man who worked seven days a week and got up at three o’clock every morning. He even died on the street since he was afraid of being a burden to his family. This is a true real-life reflection of poor Chinese people who lives at the bottom of the CCP country.

11. NetEaser: Class Representative with Double Ponytails: China Domestic Aircraft Carrier Commander is dismissed: he is charged with eight shocking crimes but fortunately there is no military secret leaked.

✒️Comment: This is a great example of what a CCP member’s life looks like. When he/she brings benefit to the CCP, he/she is worshiped as a god, otherwise he/she is treated as a criminal. Even an animal’s life is better than his/hers. If you are a CCP member and want to have dignity in your life, please think about what you should do now.

12. Observer Network: Shijiazhuang City set up 434 isolation sites and quarantined more than 27,000 people.

✒️Comment: This large-scale quarantine shows how serious the virus infection is and how dangerous the situation Chinese people are facing right now. So, we could imagine how far the virus did spread and how serious it was last year.

13. NetEaser: Dr. Dingxiang: 70% of coronavirus patients who were discharged from Jinyintan Hospital are still having symptoms after half a year.

✒️Comment: That is because the CCP Virus has artificially synthesized HIV fragments.

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