01/12/2021 Currrent Affairs Express by Himalaya UK

Information collector: Alicia, Cathy, mia ba, Near, Wendashi, CharlesS; Editor: CharlesS; bluesky; Translator: yu David; PR: Zenobia Q; Editor: Bluesky; Page: The Pawn

1. Guan Video: They are not focused on increasing job opportunities, but on hoovering up money; how dare such businesses claim government subsidies without feeling guilty?

✒️COMMENT: Not focused on increasing job opportunities, but on hoovering up money; how can these socialists shamelessly ask for our support?

2. GuanchaNews: 【Five Flavors of History】It is Emperor Qin Shihuang but not the great unification to blame.

✒️COMMENT: “Wow, here is a dead giveaway!”, “The dagger looms as the map reaches its end.”, “What a distinctive flavor.”

3. Weibo: 【Meishan Lun Jian】We should give Biden a “big gift package” before the presidential power transition in America.

✒️COMMENT: Chen Ping advised taking the initiative to abrogate the China-US Phase One Trade Agreement, which would leave no cover for their crimes.

4. XINHUANET: A study in Italy shows that a local woman was infected with COVID-19 as early as in November 2019.

The Paper: More and more studies have been rewriting the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic, showing that the virus already existed in March 2019 in Spain.

XINHUANET: A batch of imported frozen salmon tested COVID-19 positive in Laiyang county, Yantai city, Shandong province.

✒️ COMMENT: They are attempting to lay the blame on other countries, but acting to rapidly to do it convincingly.

5. Xinhua Daily: A director at a Community Healthcare Service Center in Shijiazhuang died from overwork.

✒️COMMENT: In order to create the false impression of stability, the CCP totally disregarded the lives of ordinary people, showing that it has no concern for its grass-roots members.

6. NetEasy: They’re attempting to create value out of nothing. As RMB devaluation accelerates, how much would 10,000 yuan be worth in ten years? What really holds value now?

✒️ COMMENT: They are enacting RMB devaluation to drive herds of hard-working Chinese people, who they think of as nothing more than sheep, to invest in real estate.

7. Sohu: Alipay and WeChat Pay’s toughest rival comes: the American trillion-dollar giant, a payment institution holding 100% equities appears.

✒️COMMENT: After bans against Alipay and WeChat Pay, the CCP continues its shell game with payment services. Their new face for the same product is “Gopay.” Paypal, who helped the CCP create false fronts for these services and also manipulated Bitcoin prices by providing a Bitcoin payment option, is worth paying attention to. Paypal is supposed to be deeply connected to the CCP.

8. Sohu: Behind the scene of a professor’s selling breeds of pigs online: over 80% of Chinese pork is imported from abroad; local breeds of pigs are near extinction.

✒️COMMENT: In Shouguang Shandong province, a city of vegetables, the market share of “foreign seeds” such as spinach, broccoli and carrot is above 60%. The foreign proportion is more than 80% when it comes to colored peppers and tomatoes, and over 90% for long green eggplant.

9. JIEMIAN: The Trump administration will urge states to expand vaccination targets and accelerate vaccination speed.

✒️COMMENT: Mainland China had criticized the American government for promoting vaccines regardless of security procedures, and they have attempted to implicate Trump now as well. Their next step is likely to create harmful symptoms in those taking the vaccine on a large scale.

10. Sohu: Guizhou Health Care Committee: The confirmed case in Hebei province didn’t go to Moutai Distillery.

✒️COMMENT: A confirmed case “helps” Hebei and Guizhou find reasons for locking down cities and getting in touch with express companies. Meanwhile, they don’t mention the impact of these actions, including soaring share prices of Moutai recently.

11. Whitehouse Official Website: Donald·J·Trump approved the emergency declaration for the District of Columbia.

✒️COMMENT: President Trump has prepared for potential problems at the presidential inauguration.

12. Giuliani retweeted: Giuliani tells me Trump is going to speak to the American people.

✒️COMMENT: After Pompeo’s speech at VOA, which has been reported by Lude Media, President Trump may now want his voice heard through VOA, revealing the same information.

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