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Miles Guo’s Broadcast on 12th Jan 2021 (Est)

1) Our fellow warriors and the entire world are paying close attention to the US election as there are only eight days left before the inauguration of the new U.S president. This election in the U.S is absolutely the ultimate battle between justice and evil.

2) What happened to President Trump could happen to anyone in the future. No more than 10 centralized powers possess control over all media. The humanity faces the challenge of the ultimate battle.

3) The two functions of Washington lockdown. The lockdown has brought about large controversies and disputes.

4) A close friend of Trump talked to Miles about his thoughts on what may happen to the presidential election after 6th Jan. He believes that President Trump didn’t lose. It is only a matter of time before he returns to the White House. Miles believes that Trump will win 100%. The greatness of U.S lies in that everyone follows its law and order.

5) This ultimate battle in the U.S originates from the greed of capitalism in this country. The U.S was kidnapped by the technology oligarchs. Section 230 will definitely be revoked, and GTV, GNEWS and the Whistleblower Movement will be its biggest beneficiaries. The Whistleblower Movement will support President Trump always, because he wants to take down the CCP.

6) Reporting on Monu leaving management of Sakura Group and the merger of the New York and Boston farms. All Himalayan farms are going through professionalization. The fellow warriors who have left their farms will still enjoy lifelong benefits for their contributions, as long as they don’t antagonize the Whistleblower Movement.

7) We formed the “G series consultation group chat” to provide consulting service of G series products for all fellow warriors. G series and farm series are going through internationalization and professionalization. G-Fashion is an e-commerce that focuses on originality, design and art, instead of quantity. G-Fashion and G-Club, exactly like G-Coin and G-Dollar, revolve around the need of fellow warriors and form the foundation of the New Federal State of China.

8) In the future, if legal proceedings can establish proof of election fraud, Trump can definitely turn things around. There is a huge difference between China and the U.S, in their attitudes toward political enemies. Mr.Guo believes that we need to learn about inclusiveness and balance of power, adhering to common contracts and written laws.

9) Mr.Guo highlighted again that fellow warriors should beware of the virus. The severe consequence of the virus and the upcoming economic collapse within the CCP has not yet even started.

General News

1. Don’t forget to exercise your brain while exercising your body. Experts will teach you 4 smart tricks to boost your brain power.

✒️Comment: Logical thinking, critical thinking and independent thinking were not mentioned in the 4 smart tricks. The CCP wants you to exercise your brain, but without actually gaining intelligence.

2. National Business Daily: Mr.Chen, deputy county head of Zhangpu county Fujian province, has gone missing after falling into the river. The police have excluded the possibility of it being a criminal case.

✒️Comment: Before even finding the person, the police has already ruled out criminality as if they knew what had happened. “The people’s police” is indeed one and only in the world.

3. Xinhua: 11 ministries working collectively on Chinese New Year transportation as well as epidemic prevention and control

✒️Comment: Ministry of Transportation: “I don’t want to be the only one taking the blame! We should share the responsibility together.” Any meaningful conclusion in the end? Push the responsibility to the local governments.

4. Daily Headlines:Transportation News: Did you know that over a billion people in our country have never flown on a plane?

✒️Comment: The article stated that “This number contrasted drastically with the fact that our domestic flights have had the second greatest number of passengers in the world for several years. Did you know that over a billion people in our country have never flown on a plane? The reason is an obvious shortcoming of our flight system in its accessibility.” The CCP only thinks of the people when they need them to develop the market, so that they can keep taking money out of their pockets. How sad!

5. CCTV web news: the ‘Forbidden City Lady’ (who drove her car inside the Forbidden City) again flexed her new car. Law breaker used daddy’s powers to get off hook. This instigated overwhelming controversies online and led to people exposing more scandals online. But there should be a limit on how far exposé can go.

✒️Comment: The limit is never expose the dirty underwear of the state thieves’ families. These state thieves don’t even abide by the law. How dare the ordinary people ever touch them?

6. Sina: The annual sales of SAIC Motor Corporation in 2020 dropped 10.22%, with an expected decrease in net profit of about 22%.

✒️Comment: These numbers contrasted bluntly with CCP’s lie that automobile industry continues to grow.

7. The Paper: A batch of imported fabrics, buttons and cargos was tested positive for COVID on its exterior packaging.

✒️Comment: How brilliant! The test administers can see the virus with their naked eyes. They are so loyal to the CCP’s party line.

8. China.com: Maotai issued urgent notice that no employee is allowed to leave Renhuai city; people with severe violations would be sent to the police.

✒️Comment: Your freedom can be limited by your employer, the Ministry of Education, or your neighbourhood committee. Other than being allowed to eat and drink, people of China have less freedom than farm animals.

9. China news: Do you need to be quarantined even after vaccination? The National Health Committee responded that one-time vaccination is not enough for those who developed low to no immunity. The vaccines are not protective enough, therefore people must be quarantined if they travel between cities.

✒️Comment: This is euphemism for saying that the vaccine is useless.

10. U.S Secretary of State Pompeo wrote a series of tweets, supporting Iranian protestors and commemorating the achievements post designating Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Liwa al-Quds as foreign terrorist organizations.

✒️Comment: The U.S Secretary of State Pompeo has previously compared the CCP to Iran in a speech made at VOA (Voice of America). Highlighting the terrorist nature of Iran’s Hezbollah now seems to carry special meanings.

11. Twitter: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I proudly defended President Trump on the House floor against yet another attempt to remove him from office. Extreme rhetoric from Democrats created an entire year of BLM/Antifa terrorism. Tonight, I exposed their hypocrisy.

✒️Comment: The tweet bravely criticized the Democrats for inciting terrorism throughout last year.

12. Twitter: Dr.Guan: ”Situation may change every second each day before the final battle on 20th Jan. Every party of interest is fighting for their own benefits until the very end. The final outcome will not change because President Trump will definitely win. President Trump’s speech today had a live audience of nearly one million on a workday. Such big public opinion is irreversible. The interest groups want a soft landing for the U.S, but that will definitely not happen if they go against people’s will.

✒️Comment: The public opinion in a democratic society is the driving force for the advance of society. There is no doubt that none of the parties in the United States wants violence. A violent revolution can only bring more violent consequences. Ditto the French Revolution.

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